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NYC\'s culinary scene is constantly refreshing itself. But six decades ago, when the owners of Zomick’s bakery started their venture, they couldn’t imagine that one day they’ll have the finest, most successful kosher bakery in NYC. Many credit Zomick\'s for the rise of the kosher community. Known as a leading brand in the packaged bread business, this household name surges forward in the food industry with expansion and quality in mind.

Since 1966, when the bakery was first opened, Zomick’s bakery has tirelessly provided multiple generations of locals with pastries, pies, cookies, cakes, and their signature challah bread. The taste, the presentation, everything about Zomick’s bakery is really nice. The food and ambiance are first-rate. Their baked products are juicy, flavorful and phenomenally good.

The bakery offers a generous selection of delicious foods and a full homemade pastry line. The menu is full of dishes to savor, especially their sweet desserts with a refreshing and cleansing burst of flavors, and dozens of coffee confections. You can\'t possibly go wrong, as everything is so fresh and full of flavor. The decor, the vibe, the staff, are all on point.

Zomick\'s bakery now has an impressive range of mouthwatering options. Inside the bakery is a selection of around 30 types of cakes, cookies, muffins and brewed coffee. The offerings are made in small batches to maintain their high quality. All of the section’s loose and freshly baked items are held to a strict kosher standard, with regular visits from a rabbi. Among the section’s additional kosher items baked throughout the day to maintain freshness are pastries, muffins, cookies, and scones.

The taste and texture are just right. I fact, all of their products are excellent, from their bread and cakes to their danish and cookies. Going there is like an old-time experience. Their staff knows you and is very service-oriented, accommodating and nice to deal with. Among Zomick’s bakery most popular sellers are the challah bread, chocolate babka cake, rainbow cookies, rugelach cookies filled with fruit, nuts or chocolate, and onion, marble, plain rye, pumpernickel, white, wheat, and corn bread, They also sell a lot of cakes, including seven layer, chocolate fudge, and blackout varieties as well as apple, blueberry, cherry, lemon and seasonal pies. Zomick’s commitment to quality, service and old-fashioned values is what keeps his bakery and its spirit alive.

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