John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Need weight loss inspiration? Then you need to look no further than Diet.com Super Slimmer Tracie who’s down more than 170 pounds and ready to pump up your dieting efforts.

So whether you have 30, 50 or even 100 pounds to lose, you’ll learn a lot from the Queen of Weight Loss.

Tracie was signed up with a top weight loss center when she came to Diet.com and stayed. A single weekly meeting wouldn't cut it for our slimming superstar. She also needed the daily support she found with out vibrant community of dieters.

"I went to the website, checked it out and could see it was a great website. I thought, 'what the heck â€" this can help me!'

"I needed to be held accountable and that's what Diet.com provides.

"I became a Premium Member and started blogging. I loved the recipes, the people and the support -- there are lots of good resources for the serious dieter. It's a great community - everyone is there for the same reason."

When Tracie came to Diet.com on January 13, 2007, she weighed 372.4 pounds.

"How did I get to that weight? Well, I had always been heavy since a little baby. My mom and dad fed me loads of butter and double sugar in my Kool-Aid," says 5-foot-7 Tracie.

"Coupled with bad eating habits, I was not an active child. I was a couch potato who only rode my bike to the store for candy or a snow cone."

In third grade, Tracie weighed 130 pounds. When she wore her mom's clothes to school for the first day of fourth grade, she was mistaken for a teacher!

Before she linked up with Diet.com, Tracie tried most every popular diet. She'd lose weight only to watch it all come back again when she returned to her bad eating habits.

The Atkins Diet landed her in the hospital with pancreas issues; Weight Watchers could not keep her accountable day-to-day.

"I went to a nutritionist, but that was a lot more work than I wanted to do," Tracie says. "I'm talking about counting carbs and other nutrition numbers.

"It was too much math for me -- I didn’t want it that hard PLUS it cost me a lot of money."

Other failed efforts involved herbal pills, Dexatrim... even No-Doz.

"I was a poster girl for what not to do," Tracie says.

You may know Tracie by her Diet.com username of SponsorMyWeightLoss.

"That's how people know me," she says. "I don't ask for money -- I want their motivation. It's more like an AA sponsor.

"I am averaging about 2-2.5 pounds lost a week. Diet AND exercise are key. No alli or other funky thing for me."

Tracie is a self-proclaimed food junkie who loves to cook. It may sound strange but she winds down by watching the Food Network.

"It doesn't make me want to eat," she insists. "It gives me ideas for cooking!"

Her favorite recipe? Dorito casserole!

I was so impressed with Tracie's progress and desire to spread the good word about weight loss, I've asked her to contribute to future Diet.com newsletters AND to blog on our website!

The "BEFORE" image at top shows Tracie with her son Alex. Tracie was 350 pounds when pregnant. Afterwards, she learned her precious son had put her in danger due to her weight.

"They told me they were very concerned -- I got gestational diabetes and after pregnancy I suffered fatty liver disease," she says. "My cholesterol was through the roof and I was borderline diabetic.

"My liver is now healthy and functioning normally!"

So what's different this time?

"I now know nobody is gonna do this for me -- I know ...    Continue

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@ 10:25am ET on June 23, 2008
Give me a T
Give me a R
Give me a A
Give me a C
Give me a IE

.... TRACIE! :P

*butt dance and pompoms *

@ 12:05pm ET on June 23, 2008
OMG! Tracie, you're our hero!

(Great comment, Kasssy!!)

@ 1:50pm ET on June 23, 2008
Weight Watchers Rocks!!!

Tracie and I have both lost a LOT of weight with Weight Watchers!!!

I don't know why anyone would say the weekly meetings don't cut it I don't think she has missed one...

Go Tracie!

@ 3:44pm ET on June 23, 2008
What an inspiration!!!! Keep it up! Patty

@ 6:23pm ET on June 23, 2008
Woohooo!!! You've lost almost half of yourself!! What an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for inspiring me!!

@ 8:55pm ET on June 23, 2008
I want everyone to know that I LOVE Weight Watchers and I could NOT have done this without it! This article made it sound like I gave up on Weight Watchers, but I give FULL credit to their wonderful program. Diet.com is a GREAT resource to compliment the Weight Watchers program. But in my world of Weight Loss, I could NOT have done this without them. I have to give credit where credit is due!

@ 9:28pm ET on June 23, 2008
Tracie we love you and are so proud of you.
I am glad you have found what works. Weight watchers IS a great tool. It works for me even though i dont go anymore i just stole their method.
This site is awesome too. Glad you are here with us. You are a success girl.

@ 10:42pm ET on June 23, 2008
Thanks! Yes, I do really enjoy this site. It has a TON of fantastic resources...from the articles on weight loss & fitness, to the challenges (who doesn't love a challenge?!), to the AWESOME community support.

Yes Jewls, you are correct. I have not missed one WI in the 18 months I've been doing WW. I have even gone to double meetings during weeks I think I need a little extra support.

I have found support in a lot of places. My weekly meetings, friends I've made from my meetings, my website www.sponsormyweightloss.com , Yahoo support groups, Diet.com. I really think that surrounding yourself with people that have or are going through the same thing you are is essential. They "get it". They know what you are going through. We understand each other...even the weird stuff...like hiding our eating...who hasn't hit a drive through and thought "no one saw me eat it...it doesn't count"... I'm the first to admit...I still think about hiding my food choices, but then I think, "who am I kidding? I'm only hurting myself." and I buck up and journal it anyway...like my White Castle & Cheese fry last night. I ate it...and I counted it!

@ 8:26am ET on June 24, 2008
Tracie is a super inspiration and a super success. I never intended to make it look like she was dissing Weight Watchers. My intent was to show that Tracie likes the daily support available here at Diet.com. Sorry if it came out sounding like a dig!

John McGran
Diet.com Editor

@ 11:46am ET on June 24, 2008
Thank John. I do love the daily support here. The people are great! The articles are very helpful and the community as a whole is awesome! I do plan on becoming a WW Leader when I get to Lifetime, and don't want it to sound like I was upset with them in anyway! :-)

@ 6:22pm ET on July 8, 2008
Thank you, you are an inspiration to me in my journey!

@ 3:56pm ET on January 4, 2012
OMG! You're my hero! Now I feel silly whining about the pounds I have to lose. You're really great!

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