Katherine Roberts is founder and president of the FlexFit program that promotes flexibility, fitness, performance and life balance. For more than two decades, shes been teaching all levels of yoga around the world. Shes also a motivational speaker, author and producer of 9 DVDs.

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Yoga For Weight Loss

by Katherine Roberts, Yoga Expert

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Yoga thought for the week

"Mindfulness is really paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment."

Yoga poses for better posture

We have all had the experience of seeing someone walk into a room and they naturally seem to command attention. Perhaps it is their confidence, warmth and friendliness.

I can guarantee that this type of person exhibits good posture. Our posture speaks volumes about our self confidence and sense of well being. If we have experienced a lot of trauma and our hearts are closed we will inevitably move through life with poor posture.

When the heart is closed, the shoulders are slumped forward and the face points towards the floor. One way we can begin to create a more open heart and positively affect our posture is with chest opening yoga postures.

Try the following four yoga poses three to four days a week and you will begin to see and feel better posture.

Here we go!

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Chest opening with hands clasped behind back
Clasp the hands behind your back, bend your knees and pull your navel towards your spine and tuck your hips under. This action protects your back and increases the stretch in our chest. Hold for five deep breaths.

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Folding forward with hands clasped
Fold forward with the hands clasped. If you can fold completely forward allow the hands to fall over your head. Keep the knees bent and relax the head. Hold for five breaths and roll back up to the starting position very slowly.

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Rhomboid stretch for the upper back
Clasp the hands together at shoulder height. Bend the knees and tuck the hips under. Press your hands away from the body, tucking your chin into your chest. Hold for five breaths.

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Bridge pose with hands clasped, heart lifted towards ceiling
Lift the hips off the floor and clasp the hands under the back. Extend the arms straight. Lift the heart towards the ceiling. Hold for 10 breaths. Relax and repeat three times.

@ 1:16pm ET on October 22, 2008
I love yoga and having the photos is a big help! Thanks - Patty

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