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Yoga For Weight Loss

by Katherine Roberts, Yoga Expert

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This week I had the pleasure of teaching to a group of yoga instructors. Many of the teachers were extremely talented, caring individuals. As we went around the room I asked them to share why they were so passionate about teaching yoga.

Two women in particularly stood out to me. They both had lost over 100 pounds and transformed their lives with yoga. I loved hearing their stories! (More on their specific journey will follow in the weeks ahead.)

Yoga is about breath and energy.

Ancient methodologies such as yoga believe that the mind, body and emotions are intrinsically connected. For example, muscle tension in the hips maybe a direct correlation to a storing of negative emotions in these areas.

It is important in your yoga practice that you “feel” and “direct” your breathing to the parts of your body where you feel the most tension. This process will increase blood flow and help you break up the blockages in your body -- helping you lose weight and move through emotions.

This week we continue to build on our series of yoga postures for weight loss. (Check out my previous articles so you can begin to create your own yoga practice!)

This week, let's tackle our hips!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Pigeon pose
Begin on all fours and bring your right knee to your right wrist. Bring your shin up and slide your left leg back. Note: you should not feel any discomfort in your knee. If you feel discomfort in the knee, come out of the pose. Hold for ten breaths and switch sides.
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Bridge pose
Begin with your feet hip width apart. Pull your navel towards your spine and squeeze your glutes. On your exhale lift your hips off the floor, exhale and lower your hips down. Repeat ten times and hold the pose with your hips lifted for five to ten breaths.
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Bound angle pose
Bring the soles of your feet together, perhaps sitting against the wall. Allow your knees to fall to the floor and hold this pose for three to five minutes.

Practice these three yoga postures daily, especially if you spend a majority of your day sitting in a chair or driving in the car.

To strengthen the hips and get that “yoga butt” practice the standing series of yoga poses in my previous article.

Please stay in touch and let me know how you are progressing.

@ 11:01am ET on October 1, 2008
I LOVE yoga! I always feel so much more in tune with my body and my feelings when I practice on a regular basis. If I slack of I can feel negative mind chatter and I do get aches and pains as well, so I think there IS something to that!

@ 2:39pm ET on October 1, 2008
These poses are wonderful. I've been experiencing some major tension in my hips and had been having a lot of negative emotion lately. So I agree, there must be something to it. I'm gonna add these poses to my workout this evening.

@ 8:06pm ET on October 1, 2008
You are both right on with your comments about the benefits of yoga! Let's face it, transformation is an "inside job" meaning that our internal dialogue effects our external reality. Yoga is so much more than the physical, it is an internal exploration of "self".
Keep your feedback coming and let me know how I can help you acheive your goals.

@ 12:04am ET on October 2, 2008
Ohmy! So you mean by doing this, we can lose weight?! I`ll try! Thanks so much!! (:

@ 6:23am ET on October 29, 2008
madam,I am having fat on my hips,By doing this,Can i reduce fat on my hips,and also please suggest me to loose fat on thigh and butt.

@ 6:14pm ET on October 27, 2014
I have had the intention to try yoga. I need to learn to relax and this sounds like something that might help me.

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