Katherine Roberts is founder and president of the FlexFit program that promotes flexibility, fitness, performance and life balance. For more than two decades, she’s been teaching all levels of yoga around the world. She’s also a motivational speaker, author and producer of 9 DVDs.

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Yoga For Weight Loss

by Katherine Roberts, Yoga Expert

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Yoga is a metaphor for life, and what we learn on the yoga mat about ourselves translates into our lives off the yoga mat.

In one of my past Diet.com articles I wrote about the importance of our inner dialogue. When we are faced with challenging situations - situations that place us outside our comfort zone, such as trying to lose weight or trying to balance on one leg - our natural inner dialogue will kick in.

Before you begin these balancing yoga postures, take a moment to feel yourself grounded, connected to the earth, fully present. Take a long deep breath and tell yourself, "I can do this."

Hold each posture for five breaths on each side.

Here we go!

Tree pose, yoga, balance

Tree pose
Place the hands on your waist and bring your foot to your opposite ankle, knee or inner thigh (depending on your desired level of intensity). Lift your arms over your head.

Tree pose with leg extended, yoga pose, balance

Tree pose with leg extended
Extend one leg and focus on pulling your navel towards your spine. Flex your foot towards you.

Dancer pose, yoga, balance

Dancer pose: level one
Place your yoga strap around your foot and extend your arm. Squeeze your glute and make space between your glute and your heel.

Dancer pose level two, yoga, balance

Dancer pose: level two
Begin to arch your back from your mid-back or thoracic spine, increasing the distance between your glute and your heel.

Half moon pose, yoga, balance
Half moon pose, yoga, balance

Halfâ€"moon pose
Begin with your foot approximately three inches off the wall and place your glute against the wall. Bring your hand to the floor, a block or the seat of a chair. Lift your leg off the floor and roll your hips open.

TIP: Begin to build your own Diet.com yoga routine by adding on each week. Be sure to check out my archived articles for the warm-up and sun salutations.


@ 10:22am ET on April 20, 2015
Some visuals would be very useful for a Yoga newbie so I don't have to scour the Internet to see some of these poses, like the half-moon pose. I have a visual in my head that just doesn't seem quite right, based on the description above :-)

@ 12:52pm ET on May 6, 2015
There are images included for each pose @BorNaSuSa - perhaps the page hadn't loaded for you fully? Hopefully you can see them!

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