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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Twelve days into the new year and your resolution dreams seem almost already out of reach. My beloved even coveted ipod touch has even ceased to exist along side any hope of becoming more organized. It's difficult to find motivation for me to straighten things up a bit but when it comes to exercise I have a few tried and true tricks to get my body excited to workout.

1. Music. Proven to help you burn more calories during your daily routine, it also can motivate you to get your booty to the gym! Download some new tunes by your favorite artists or ones you heard last night on Gossip Girl. This trick always gets me going. Remember to pick tracks that have a higher than average beat per minute (I think for running it's about 120 that should be the minimum.)

2. Magazines. I run a lot and usually don't have time to read my favorite fitness/health magazines. However, if I really don't feel like going to the gym on a given day, I'll pick up a magazine and bring it to the gym to read on the elliptical. I often get lost in the articles and workout longer than I would had I not had any reading material at all.

3. Set goals. When my boyfriend began to teach me how to golf, I found it to be more frustrating than fun. Then suddenly, my eyes and the ball clicked! I may have been the worst at the driving range in Dedham, MA that summer night, but this fall up in Maine at Samoset Golf Resort (one of the best in the country) I held my own. One I finished me first hole (only one stroke over par) I wanted to play more! It got cold, but I can't wait to get out there again. Recently my trainer showed me 5 progressions of a side plank ab exercise. I am now using this exercise to gauge my progress and see how strong I am getting. Goals like this are great, because once you hit the first one you'll become obsessed with success. See the 5 side plank ab exercises here.

4. Set appointments. In the fall, I was in a bootcamp challenge with the other ladies at diet.com. Every Tuesday and Thursday we went to the gym to get our butts kicked. If my boyfriend wanted me to come over for dinner, he knew he's have to wait until after I got done. Now that bootcamp is over, I don't have an excuse to be late for dinner without sounding selfish. I'm thinking I'll start pretending I have a trainer who I need to meet 3 days a week from 6-7 PM. Make an appointment for yourself to hit the gym. Involve a friend and now you wont be able to back out.

5. Don't get discouraged, get motivated. The pictures you see in Magazines may hinder your self esteem and undermine your successes. Don't let this happen to you! When a skinny celebrity says they eat like a truck driver and rarely exercise, chances are they are one of those skinny fat people and the definition on their body has been added in post photo retouching software. They have to work hard for their bodies too! Either they lie for interviews, or the image is distorted. Use the images for drive but don't get caught up in the false interpretations. Chances are Kim Kardashian has way more cellulite than you'll ever have. And yours will never have to plastered across millions of television sets.

Good luck with the resolution season and keep it up. XOXO. Pray for my pod.

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