Peter Samberg CSCS, aka “Trainer Pete” is the owner of One on One Fit Studio. Pete shows you that it doesn't take hours at the gym to get results if you work more efficiently. Trainer Pete specializes in helping people overcome time obstacles to shed body fat and live healthier/happier lives and he does it by KEEPING IT SIMPLE

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Trainer Pete's Blog

by Peter Samberg, Expert Personal Trainer

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There are several reasons why your workout may not be working. It could be that the style of workout you are doing does not fit your needs, it could be the intensity you are working at, the duration, your form... That's why I know how valuable our services are, as personal trainers - we can help you fully assess your situation and make a plan of action for you.

Why Your Workout Stinks: Big Workout MistakesOne of the biggest mistakes I see people make, though, is doing the same workout over and over. Week after week, month after month, and sometimes year after year doing the same workout over and over. It is so important for you to keep switching up your workouts, for two big reasons:

1. Your body adjusts to your workout. You should be switching it up to keep shocking your body so you continue to make progress. If you do the same thing over and over, your body will adjust to it and you will stop seeing results.

2. You will get bored mentally. And when you do, most people will fall off their program and take a break. Consistency is vital for long term results!

For any of my in-studio clients, or anyone using my Lean and Mean in 15 online program, I take out the brain-work and automatically switch up things for them. Usually every workout we do is a little different. There are several ways to switch up your workout.

For your strength routine you can:
- switch the exercises you are doing
- switch the repetitions you are doing
- switch the order you are doing your current routine
- switching your grip style or positioning can make a big difference in some exercises
- switching what you use for a particular exercise (weights, machines, bands, kettlebells...)
- switch the style or rest periods you use...

For your cardio routine:
- switch your intensity(most important, if you ask me!)
- switch the duration of your total workout
- switch the duration of intervals
- switch what you do (run, swim, bike, elliptical, jump rope...)
- incorporate some cardio into your strength routine (depending upon your goals)

So if you want to keep making progress, make sure you keep switching it up! Otherwise you will hit a wall and stop seeing the results you want.

Click here to check out www.GetLeanin15.com for my workout program that takes out the brain-work for you and switches it up every week automatically for you!

Trainer Pete

@ 11:23am ET on November 12, 2014
Thanks for the tips

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