Life in the Emergency Room

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What is in a blog? Is it the entertainment to the masses? Is it the essence of myself, like a fine whiskey distilled and aged perfectly in fine oak barrels until peaked? Is this for myself, or for all the potential readers out there? My previous forays into the digital musings of the interweb continued to hit upon this exact topic, but I suppose the location that I'm in, the challenge I've take up.

I'm dead on my feet today. I got hammered at work, and not the good kinda hammered stemming from popping the cork on one of those fine whiskeys. I got more sleep last night than the previous, but had a longer day at work. I've kept my diet clean at work, but cheated with dinner the past few nights.

I've done the deprivation diet, and while it certainly works, it leaves a lot to be desired... no pun intended. I've got a big weekend ahead of me, and if I can work a lot, and then cheat a little, I think I can still achieve my goals.

Now on to those goals...

@ 12:10am ET on September 30, 2011
You got sleep thanks to me running interference between you and night-howler, you're welcome!

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