Danielle Prestejohn, NASM CPT, MS Nutrition, is a devoted CrossFitter, Group Fitness Instructor, and Health Coach. Residing in Boston, MA she is the blogger behind CleanFoodCreativeFitness.com and has a passion for all things nutrition and fitness. She hopes to share this passion and enthusiasm for health with all those in the Diet.com community!

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Danielle Prestejohn

by Danielle Prestejohn, Fitness and Nutrition Expert

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We've all seen it... the new "strong is the new sexy" campaigns, pictures of women who are strong but nothing near skinny. We're moving in the right direction right?!

Maybe. I have mixed thoughts on this. To me the focus is still being placed on the body, we are just aiming to achieve a different ideal body type. But let's be real - no two people look exactly the same. Some women are skinny with little effort at all and would do anything to gain a little weight or put on muscle. Other women are a bit heavier than they would wish and are always hoping to lose a couple pounds. But think about it: How many women have you met who are completely, 100% happy with their bodies just the way they are? To be honest, I've met very few.

For me, I have been working hard the past few years to redefine my definition of beauty. Maybe beauty has nothing to do with how we look or how much we weigh. As people, do we really boil down to just a number on a scale? Think about it. I would much rather be a genuinely nice, positive, happy person, than be beautiful and the "perfect" weight. In fact, at one point in my life I have been a weight I would consider "perfect" for me and I was miserable.

So do you pick misery and external beauty, or beauty that radiates from internal happiness? From my experience, when I started focusing more on making myself internally happy I began to "feel" more beautiful. I'm always going to look somewhat the same but my outlook on how I view myself can change my appearance on a daily basis.

inner beauty

It almost feels cliché to say this but how would you treat a best friend, your sister, or your mother if she gained weight? Would she be any less beautiful? Would you love her any less? My own nutrition coach and mentor once told me to imagine if I had someone following me around all day saying the things to me I say to myself. What a b*tch she would be! I could never imagine looking at my sister and telling her she is ugly, so why, then, would I do that to myself?  If I were to meet a new person would I judge her by the way she looked or the way she treated me? I hope you agree with me that it is the latter. Hang around with any person who is pretty but totally rude long enough and her beauty will fade, but hang around the nicest person in the world and I guarantee she will become more beautiful the more you know her.

I want you to think about this and in the comments below tell me one thing that you find beautiful about yourself that has nothing to do with external beauty.

@ 8:22am ET on August 6, 2013
Nice blog. Definately agree. A beautiful thing about me I would say is I care very much about animals and nature/environment and feel very connected to it.
Keep these articles going.:)if we are good people we are beautiful

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