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I just joined this august assembly of folks, and I keep seeing that I'm acquiring points...not many, mind you, but enough that I wonder what they're here for. Can anyone point me to the place on this site where I might find the answer to this little mystery?

@ 7:24pm ET on May 28, 2008
Good question...I don't know on this site...on my work's insurance site...we build up points for rewards...I'm working on an Ipod.

It has gym equipment exercise or sports things. Shopping cards for various stores ... it is neat. Any with health insurance might want to check to see if they have a health site.

@ 7:30pm ET on May 28, 2008
Here, points are just for motivation. As you accumulate points, you get 'more valuable' badges, from Bronze to, I think, Diamond. They are also used in part in the challenges to determine which team wins that week and who gets added to the teams.

@ 7:54pm ET on May 28, 2008
Yep...points are motivation and if you are a member of the challenge...they are contributed towards your team.


@ 7:59pm ET on May 28, 2008
When you first log in you will be brought to your home page there is a link there that says point info, it will bring you to a page with all the points listed!

@ 9:13pm ET on May 28, 2008
Boy, that was quick! Thanks for the answers. Too new still to really get into the challenges and such, but it's something I will have to check out as things progress. I'm happy so far (5 pounds lost since Monday!)...Who would have thought it possible? Anyway, thanks for the lovely feedback!

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