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What To Do Instead of Going on a Diet
By Aubry Hoffman

Research shows that diets don’t work. Most people that lose weight on a diet will eventually gain it back. What does work is manageable lifestyle changes. Working on adapting a body positive attitude and finding community that loves and supports you. If you are lost when it comes to food and want to be healthy and reach a healthy weight then this blog is just for you. I’ve included the three main things you can do instead of going on another diet.

1. Focus on how food makes you feel.
Aim to eat foods that make feel full of energy and healthy and beautiful. Of course I’m not talking about sugary foods that only makes you feel a happy buzz for a few minutes. I’m talking about food that doesn’t make your stomach hurt, food that doesn’t give you gas, food that provides sustained energy. Sometimes eating healthy is as simple as asking yourself, “How will this food makes me feel?”

It is a process figuring out what different foods do to your body. For example, too much dairy makes some people bloated and even causes breakouts. For others too many carbs can make you feel gassy and hungry all the time. If you have a suspicion that a certain food may be causing you issues, try eliminating it for a few weeks and observe if you feel better. Learn to listen to your own body, notice how food makes you feel. Pay attention to what makes you feel good. What feels good may changes with the year or month or even the time of the month.

2. Eat less packaged, processed, sugary foods.
These are the main foods I encourage people to stay away from. Why? These foods usually contain chemicals, preservatives and fats that won’t contribute to your health. This can be a big shift for some of you that eat most of your food out of boxes and packages and fast food chains.

I promise if you focus on eating less of these foods in combination with focusing on how food makes you feel you won’t want to eat as much processed packaged and sugar laden foods. The second part of this is to eat MORE fruits, veggies and foods where you know where they came from and who raised them or grew them. Practice the 80/20 rule. Aim to eat great 80 percent of the time and leave room to enjoy small of your favorite junk food.

3. Stop moralizing food.
Food isn't good or bad and you definitely aren't good or bad based on what you eat or don't eat. What you are is a human being trying to make a life for yourself despite all the pain, injustice and busy schedules of daily life. If you follow self-help gurus or coaches that make you feel that if you just tried harder you could have the perfect body, eat healthy all the time or be happy, please be very careful you don't fall into the self-help shame cycle.

It's not always as simple as trying harder or thinking positive or eating different. You aren't a bad person who is doing it wrong if you aren't perfectly healthy and happy. What you are is a beautiful and imperfect human being and that is exactly as it should be. Now go out and enjoy your evening, maybe even have a cupcake. You're not doing anything wrong.

Next time you are tempted to try another new fad or a diet remember these three simple guidelines. These guidelines are lifestyles changes that you can implement to see long lasting results and improvement in your health.

About the Author
Aubry Hoffman is a health coach, yoga teacher, author, and speaker. She works to empower teen girls to develop a positive ...    Continue

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