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It can be a buzzkill to stare at your teeth only to realize that they’re noticeably stained and discolored. If you have gorgeous white teeth, then that many communicate certain things about your dietary patterns. If you have brownish or yellowish ones, on the other hand, the same thing may apply. Teeth coloration means more than many people grasp.

Beverage Choices

If you have teeth that are far from bright and white, your drinking patterns may just be the big, bad culprit. You may consume many beverages that are associated with staining. Several key examples of these are red wine, coffee, and cola. Soda fans often develop teeth that are brownish in coloration. Red wine and coffee lovers frequently develop the same kinds of dark patches on their teeth.

Food Options

Although there are many types of drinks that can bring on noticeable tooth discoloration, the same thing goes for foods. There are various foods that actually have the ability to influence the color of your teeth. Blueberries are wonderfully nutritious and tasty. Their dark coloring, however, can impact the way your teeth look. Curries and beets can both do the same. It isn’t even uncommon for popsicles to influence tooth coloring, believe it or not.


You may not think much about the sauces you put on top of your favorite foods. If you’re concerned about the coloring of your teeth, though, you may want to start contemplating them in greater detail. The delectable tomato sauce you put on top of ravioli, spaghetti, tortellini, and gnocchi may actually be making your teeth look a lot darker. The soy sauce you put on your sushi rolls and sashimi pieces may be doing the same thing.

Dental Care

If you’re frustrated by the impact your dietary patterns have had on the coloration of your teeth, you don’t have to feel depressed. You can visit a dentist nearby who can give you management choices. Search for a dentist who manages cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. Whitening treatment can often be fantastic for people who want to do away with pesky tooth coloring issues. If you want to forget all about yellowish or brownish teeth, you need to talk about whitening treatment ASAP.

Tooth staining isn’t the end of the world at all. Your diet doesn’t have to dictate your aesthetic destiny. Visit a dentist who can give you whitening treatment that genuinely works.

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