Life in the Emergency Room

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If I were Dennis Miller, or even Kevin Nealon, I might have a list of headlines accompanied by witty retorts, but sadly I am just me, an emergency veterinarian trying to work out this life as best as I can, making due with what I go, when I get it.

For those of you who would argue that this is jibberish... I agree. But on to the meat and potatoes of this blog!

I rode my bike today for 30 minutes... and it felt good. After 2 long days at work where I relied on my diet to get me through sans exercise, I peddled my frustrations out and it was well worth it.

I am an athlete by trade. I was a duel soccer baseball star until soccer took over and then unfortunately my knees took over and I have been left with a lot of low-resistance training over the years interspersed with some rec' league games. My right knee has been bothering me something fierce, and it often gets hard to play through the pain. But today I got back on the horse, so to speak, and after riding a bit, I actually feel pretty good. And I hope there's more to follow.

What a difference a day makes...

@ 4:12pm ET on October 1, 2011
Good work!

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