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This is going to be interesting... adding a new goal each week will mean that by week 8, theoretically, I will be doing all eight at once! Talk about healthy living!! Whoo hoo!!

Week 1: One hour of strength training per week
Week 2: Create a weekly menu and actually eat what is on it! (This one is actually one of the toughest! I can create menus 'til I'm blue in the face, but rarely stick to them.)
Week 3: Four hours cardio per week
Week 4: Include at least one veggie or fruit with every meal (not difficult these days, but it does take awareness)
Week 5: Schedule my exercise so that nothing gets forgotten (and stick to it!)
Week 6: One hour stretches per week
Week 7: Cut down my soda intake (it's caffeine-free diet, but water's still better for me) to one a day
Week 8: Have gone on at least two multi-hour hikes during the challenge (need to be flexible about when this occurs, since it involves my hiking partner's schedule as well)

I actually have other goals as well, but they involve other areas of my life like finances and housecleaning (and they are not quite so well-defined!).

So this week... 1 hour strength training. Well, I'm one-quarter there already (and sore!). I may bump this up later in the challenge, but since I'm starting with basically no strength training lately, I figure I'd better start small.

@ 10:27am ET on July 2, 2007
Hey Mindle! I love your goals! Good luck this week during the holidays! :)

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