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The Daily Comic

by Tee Hee, Humor Resources Coordinator

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I'm so excited I'm at a loss for words... and that's where YOU come in. We are kicking off your Cartoon Caption Contest -- the game where we give you the cartoon and you give us the caption. A simple gut-busting, knee-slapping line or two will do!

So come on. Get funny... and make us laugh! We'll announce the winner next Friday so you have 7 days to concoct and create.

Now, look closely at the cartoon below. Yes, it's a goofy looking guy fishing in his fish bowl. That looks like his boss at the door... So, what would the boss say to make this image hilarious? You tell us.

Best Caption will receive a fun prize. The runners-up will get their captions and their usernames printed in next Friday's blog.

Good luck all you budding comics!

--Tee Hee

(and post it below or send it to your pal Tee Hee)

@ 12:09pm ET on April 4, 2008
"I read in my healthy living magazine that budgeting in time to enjoy my favorite activity for just 30 minutes per day will reduce stress and help me lose weight"

@ 12:21pm ET on April 4, 2008
"Sorry Mom, Pops. I've been figuring out my daily journals. WHere have I gone over with?"


@ 2:35pm ET on April 4, 2008
"Jenkins, it's tax time... we're all busy. But I must insist you start bringing lunch with you to work!"

@ 3:36pm ET on April 4, 2008
It's five minutes to press time, Goober. I said "I need a recipe for fresh fish, not fresh fish for a recipe."

@ 3:48pm ET on April 4, 2008
ha ha ha... love it simonwswalker!

@ 6:47pm ET on April 4, 2008
"We told Joe that he should find an extracirricular activity. We had no idea that he would turn on the office pet!"

@ 9:51pm ET on April 4, 2008
"Welcome to the Accounting De-- Mason? What are you doing?"
"Sorry, I'm on the all-natural diet."

@ 12:36pm ET on April 7, 2008
"I'm trying to workout at work, but the fish isn't putting up much resistance."

@ 9:11pm ET on April 7, 2008
"Smith here lost 50 lbs and won the free fishing trip from Diet.com"

@ 7:06pm ET on April 8, 2008
"Smith read an article that if you eat more fish in your diet it might make you smarter."

@ 7:25pm ET on April 10, 2008
"yes, I know i told you 4 oz. of fish was good for your diet, but THIS is not what i meant!"

@ 12:25am ET on April 11, 2008
"Stan,the painters will be in today to finish painting the walls." "Oh, and by the way...your fish needs a bigger fish tank."

@ 11:42am ET on April 12, 2008
A New Yorker's idea of fishing.

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