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Get the stomach bug... Def not a fun way. But I still can't eat with thinking I am going to not be able to keep it down. My husband either. He is a little better than me, so I should start getting my appetite back today or tomorrow. Yesterday I managed to get down several bottles of water at work and 2 tacos. For dinner I drank juice. Now, I just need to get rid of this headache from it.

I'm hoping to go to the gym as soon as I feel like I am over this. I am really looking forward to getting in shape again. And maybe someday a 5k or so!

@ 1:16pm ET on July 18, 2012
Ohh that is just terrible. But can u send it to me in a jar. lol. jk. Im glad you are getting alittle better. Time is all it takes really. hang in there and i hope it gets better.

@ 8:56pm ET on July 18, 2012
Yeah, that's a crappy way to lose weight. ;)
Hope you feel better soon! Sucks that your hubby got sick too, 'cause it always helps to have someone pamper you.
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