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@ 1:16pm ET on June 2, 2009
Thanks for posting this. The more times an expert gives rational, scientifically-sound advice, the more likely it is that the gf community will actually listen. (Though I'll bet there will always be someone saying they don't believe distillation "works".)

@ 1:42pm ET on June 2, 2009
You are very welcome! It is hard to believe we (the gluten-free community)are still discussing the safety of distilled vinegar after all these years!


@ 5:03pm ET on June 5, 2009
I have to respectfully differ with you on the gluten status of most vinegars. I belong to a forum for those who are super-sensitive to gluten ( Part of our mission statement is to ferret out hidden sources of gluten cross contamination, because our members react to very, very small amounts. Several of our members have gotten positive tests for gluten (using the EZ Gluten home testing kit) on distilled vinegars. ELISA Technologies, the company that manufactures the EZ Gluten test, has investigated and backed up these results with additional testing under laboratory conditions. The tests indicate that the amount of gluten in the various vinegars tested is very small (on the order of 5ppm or less). However, that’s enough to cause a reaction in those of us who are super-sensitive to gluten. Naturally fermented vinegars are available that test negative for gluten and do not cause a reaction in people who are super-sensitive to gluten. We’re fortunate to have this type of testing technology, which wasn’t available even a few years ago, to conclusively determine the gluten status of the products we use.

@ 3:46pm ET on June 8, 2009
For those of you who are interested, I will be writing a blog on the EZ gluten home test soon. In the meantime, I have been in contact with Thomas Grace, CEO of Bia Diagnostics ( and this is what he had to say about using the EZ Gluten home test to assess vinegars for gluten, "I would not put any merit into any results from these tests alone especially coming from un-trained people. One would have to confirm any results with a second method (preferably certified). Also, keep in mind unless the sample (in this case vinegar) is pH adjusted to a range compatible for this specific method (EZ Gluten home test) to start, the acid in the vinegar will most likely cleave the Ab conjugate, change the binding kinetics, strip the Abs from the nitrocellulose and render the assay inaccurate.”

@ 10:15pm ET on June 8, 2009

Interesting info on the test kits. Will be eagerly waiting your post!



@ 3:43pm ET on June 22, 2009
Hi everyone,

I contacted Elisa Technologies regarding their testing of vinegars and this is what they told me,

"There has been no detectable gluten in any vinegar sample we have tested using the EZ Gluten or HAVen High Sensitivity Gluten ELISA, when the tests were performed and interpreted following the kit instructions."


@ 10:25am ET on October 14, 2010
A most informative article, thanks! I have an intolerance to barley. Would the distillation process produce a safe malt vinegar for such an intolerance?

@ 9:01am ET on October 15, 2010
Hi Michael,

Malt vinegar is fermented but not distilled. As a result, malt vinegar contains barley protein.


@ 6:41pm ET on July 12, 2011
When I tried ingesting anything containing 'Distilled Vinegar' I had the same reaction as having eaten gluten. I will not go anywhere near distilled vinegar! Please be careful. Of course Cider vinegar and balsamic are fine.

@ 6:43pm ET on July 12, 2011
PS: I wonder how many of the scientists that tested Distilled Vinegar have Celiac Disease and have actually eaten it. Hmmmmmmmmm.....

@ 10:39pm ET on September 4, 2013
I have every symptom of eating gluten when I eat distilled vinegar. There must be something to it.

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