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We have decided that Wednesday is vegetarian night for supper. We purchased a vegetarian book and are trying different menus. Last week we had " could be chicken loaf . It is a loaf made with walnuts , eggs , breadcrumbs and spice. I can't eat walnuts so we used pecans, and spice was poultry seasoning. It called for sage , but that spice we didn't have. It was very tasty , and it made for excellent sandwiches.
Tonite it was mushroom stroganoff. Very tasty. Mushrooms , onions, spinach, kale, and we added whole peas in a pod and pot barley. Cook in a slow cooker for three hours and right at the end you add sour cream, low fat, red wine vinegar ( can use red wine) and paprika. ,
One more day at work and off to see the girls .
Will post a picture of me and Tasha

@ 12:30pm ET on May 15, 2014
Good for you!! So cool to hear that you're not only being amazing with your fitness, but that you and your hubby are making such awesome effort in the nutrition/food department as well! Check out all of the vegetarian recipes here on too - there's a whole section of them!

@ 10:32am ET on May 16, 2014
The mushroom stroganoff sounds pretty yummy.

@ 3:43pm ET on February 2, 2015
Good for you.For more details visit this:

@ 4:06am ET on April 12, 2016
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