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Playing Badminton was fun but I couldn't help but think that I'm much slower and I have to carry my body with me, it's just uncomfortable. Also I feel that I need to spend more time outside home as here I'm constantly thinking about what should be my next snack.
And my bloody husband bought a big bag of crisps but has not opened it, said he would eat it himself, but hasn't and it's been lying there in the kitchen for last 24hrs, starring at me, asking to be eaten. I wonder if he realizes how unsupportive it is of him to bring junk food to the house and not even eat it.

17.03 Sat
Quesadilla from small corn tortillas 265 with cheese, peas, rest of pesto sauce really weird 200
Crispbread with small can of tuna 100

18.03 Sunday
Br quesadilla 265 with aubergine, peas, cheese and ketchup 150
Apple 40

Huge salad spinach, chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes, pepper, avocado, baby bell cheese olive oil lemon and mustard 250
Crispbread with peanut butter 150
Carrot sticks and celery with small pot of hummus 200
Banana 100
Around 1200

+ 40 min badminton:)

Corn tortilla with chicken, spinach and cherry tomatoes 200
Banana 120

Salad spinach, chicken, cherry tomatoes olive oil w lemon 250
Carrot and celery sticks with hummus 200

Tortilla with chicken spinach and cherry tomatoes 200
Banana 120
2 babybell light cheese 80
Around 1100
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