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When Trish, aka Diet.com member Trishabisha, signed up on Diet.com on November 10th of 2009, she weighed in at 255lbs. Although she loved her curves, she wasn't entirely happy with what she saw when she looked in the mirror. When her boyfriend was diagnosed with diabetes at age 24, she knew that "now" would be a great time to become healthier, herself.

Armed with a goal weight of 170 lbs and the tools on Diet.com, Trisha began her weight loss journey. Now, nearing 2 months later, Trisha has not only dropped 20lbs - she has picked up some excellent habits that will stick with her well into the future!

So how did she manage to drop 20 lbs during one of the most stressful times of the year? Trisha knew that baby steps were the way to go. "Since I am overweight and have never been into exercise I have been starting slow," Trisha explains. "Just walking when I can."

Picking up her activity level by walking was a great start. But as we all know, it's exercise and diet combined that lead to weight loss. So Trisha decided that it was time to start cooking more of her own meals as well.

"One of the biggest things that I am changing is making more homemade food. Who would have ever thought that I would be able to cook!!!!"

Weight loss without support is incredibly difficult, so Trisha made a point to start off her journey by posting a blog right here on Diet.com.

"The accountability [on Diet.com] has helped me so much. To know that I have to come in here and post what I ate and my weight," Trisha explains, "I dont want to let any of my fellow dieters down."

But of course accountability isn't the only thing that's keeping Trisha on the path to healthy living. Her number 1 motivator? "My health!"

With a scary family history of diabetes, Trisha felt like it was only a matter of time before she received the same diagnosis. "When my boyfriend was diagnosed with diabetes at 24 I realized I did not want to roll over and accept my future lightly. So I'm working to lose weight to have a better future."

Trisha's advice to fellow dieters is, "Don't give up." This isn't just a "diet" - this is a lifestyle! A quest for a long, healthy life.

"I'm a true all or nothing kind of girl and I am always ready to throw the towel in after one 'bad day'. But now I keep telling myself this is life changing - I cant give up, I've got to keep trying!!!"

Trisha's future is looking brighter by the day, all because she made that first step of committing to her health!

Leave your support for Trisha, aka Trishabisha, in the comments below! Don't be afraid to buddy up with her for support!

@ 1:00pm ET on January 4, 2010
Wow, that's awesome! Congrats on the loss & keep up those healthy habits! ~Sara :o)

@ 1:29pm ET on January 4, 2010
You have inspired me Trish! TYSVM!!! It was just the pick me up that I needed today!

@ 8:00pm ET on January 5, 2010
your story is wonderful Tisha congrads, i can't imagine how it feels to loose 20 pounds!!! good for you this probably just motivates you even more toward your goals. YOU can do it just stick to it. you motivated me even more to here that some one around my size i still dropping wait, thank u.

@ 11:57am ET on January 7, 2010
hi trish, im just a newbie here today and read your story what a woman you are, you have inspired me to keep going and move on and upwards to a better life style more power to you babe tc x

@ 1:09pm ET on December 20, 2010
Good luck to you, Trish. How are you doing lately?

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