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By Dan Castro

What happens to your body when your system is suddenly flooded with dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and endorphins all at the same time? You begin to feel something stirring deep inside. That feeling rises up like a wellspring and explodes. You are suddenly filled with excitement, courage, confidence, joy, an urge to act, and a sense of inevitable victory. You feel like nothing can defeat you.

In fact, the only way you can ever experience any of these feelings is when one or more of those chemicals is flooding your system. Those chemicals are what make us different from mammals, birds, reptiles, plants, and insects. And that, my friend is your unfair advantage.

You have the ability to summon those feelings at will in the moment you choose to believe. Belief presses the button that floods your system with courage, confidence, excitement, enthusiasm, an urge to act, and a certainty that you cannot fail.

Neurologists have taken blood samples from people who are in a state of excitement, when they are feeling confident, courageous, and enthusiastic. What they found was that the levels of these chemicals were off the charts.

So how do you summon the will to believe when everything and everyone has turned against you and defeat is certain?

On January 2, 2016, Texas Christian University (TCU) played the University of Oregon in the Alamo Bowl. Oregon was up 31-0 at the half. TCU’s star quarterback was out and their backup quarterback was Bram Kohlhausen, a walk-on senior who had never started in a college game in his life. To top it off, Kohlhausen’s father had just passed away a few weeks earlier.

The mood in the TCU locker room was somber. In the silence, head coach, Gary Patterson turned to his quarterback and said, “Your Dad is watching you. Can you imagine if you make a comeback? Can you imagine if you tie this game? Can you imagine if you win this game? You can do this. You can win this football game. Your Dad is watching you.”

Then he turned to the team and said, “This could be the biggest come back in history. Do you want to make history?” No team had ever come back from a 31 point deficit in bowl history. “This game starts over right now. If they scored 31 points in the first half, we can score 31 points in the second half. And if we can tie this game, it’s a whole new ball game. You don’t have to win this game in 24 minutes. All you have to do is tie it. And if you can tie it, the game starts over.”

In the second half, TCU held Oregon scoreless. Kohlhausen threw for 351 yards. He rushed for 45 yards. He threw two touchdown passes and ran for two more. TCU won the game 47-41 in triple overtime.

What did Coach Patterson give those boys in the locker room that they did not already have? They already had all the athletic prowess and technical skills they needed to win. But something magical happened in their bodies in the moment they chose to believe. The power of belief pressed the button that released an unfair advantage into their system.

You see, belief is infectious. It spreads like a contagious disease once it is introduced into a group of people by its leader. It infects our brains and fills our system with the chemicals we need to get off our butts and go out there and do whatever it takes to win against all odds, despite the obstacles, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Belief alone made all the difference.

The choice to believe is the only thing standing between you and your wildest dreams. Give yourself a fighting chance. Do what Coach Patterson asked his players to do. Imagine yourself making a comeback. Not just any comeback, but the biggest comeback in history. Imagine yourself evening the odds, one play at a time. Imagine yourself winning in triple overtime. See yourself doing your own personal touchdown dance in the end zone.

You can do this. Your audience is screaming and hollering for you, cheering you on, chanting your name over and over. They are waiting for you to take the field. Now, get off your butt and trigger your unfair advantage.

About The Author:
Dan Castro is the award-winning author of HIDDEN SOLUTIONS ALL AROUND YOU: Why Some People Can See Them and Some Can’t. He is also an attorney, and a serial entrepreneur who has built a law firm, a real estate brokerage, a property management ...    Continue

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