Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Nutrition Counselor, Whitney Cole is your triple-threat in the fight against fat! Exercise Physiologist, Sports Conditioning Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Byron Paidoussi sculpts athletes & average joes into superheroes! Regarded as the most "innovative, motivating & results-delivering" trainers in Hollywood, Byron & Whitney have been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Fitness, InTouch & US Weekly. This husband & wife team inspires clients to exceed their fitness potential by developing customized total-body conditioning & performance nutrition plans. Clientele includes celebrities, pro athletes and Angelenos simply aiming to lose weight & tone up. For success story photos, recipes & articles: www.fitnessandfuel-la.com

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border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic" align="right" hspace="10">10. Sleep. Aim for those essential eight hours every night. Less than seven repeatedly and your body senses stress, and wrongly anticipates an upcoming famine. To protect itself, your body decreases metabolism, stores fat in energy reserves and increases appetite. Get in bed an hour before you want to fall asleep about the same time each night. Put in a mouth guard or retainer. Read a fiction book by soft light. No computer, no TV, the light hypes us up. You'll find your sleep quality increases. Your body will welcome a steady rise and rest routine, reducing stress equals releasing stress pounds and cravings.

WHITNEY M COLE Personal Training :: Pilates :: Nutrition

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@ 11:07am ET on November 12, 2014
Saved this article and reread. Thanks for the tips.

@ 5:02pm ET on September 25, 2015
Most of the people now a days like profession where they could work by sitting on a table. With such activity they forget to work out physically and get fitness problems. With my college essay on fitness you may get excellent ideas to manage some time and do some work out to stay fit.

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