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Well, it has been 6months... Just about 7.. Since my last posting from what I see. I am still around 197-193 depending on many things... However... I'm dating a guy who I have known a few years and really treats me and my kids right... He has a "role" thing... Men do this... women do that... But not in a bad way
.. I do laundry dishes n work... He works.. Does house repairs car stuff and yard work... Sounds good to me lol.. And my kids are doing so much better!!!! So... Spring us supposedly around the corner.. And my exercise routine will be back in place :-). For now my guy and kids and I are rearranging the house and fixing it up so I'm staying active. A friend gave me a weight bench when she moved, we just got a punching bag... and shortly the qii will be set back up :-) excited for what 2015 can bring!!! Now... This is a positive post... So to keep positive... I shall say good night!! :-)

Wish this site had a mobile option... But glad my phone let's me on here too!!
Oooh... And I'm a big kid lol... went and got my first tattoo on 2/13/15 and on 2/19/2015 I got my 2nd. Both do have meaning to me..and this was a 13 year debate since I don't want to just doodle on myself... :-)

@ 9:53am ET on February 25, 2015
Oooh new guy, new tattoos, New Year! :) It's great to hear from you! Looking forward to your next check-in :)

@ 10:37am ET on March 2, 2015
Hope you had a great week! How was your weekend?

@ 2:40pm ET on March 12, 2015
I want to get a punching bag, how did you install it? and where? Oh and he sounds like a keeper!

@ 2:21am ET on March 14, 2015
CSL~Bailey:check in soon. Notnlosing anything... But not gaining :-)
Arcticmom : if he was different.. He'd be a keeper. But he was the right fit at this point in both our lives. Punching bag was hung by a hook thing (like a circle... That screwed into ceiling) and a clip was putnon the bags chains then clipped to hanging hook

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