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Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age

by Joyce Vedral, Fitness Professional

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Say good-bye to flag-waving arms -‚Ä" the soft and saggy triceps muscle located between the elbow and the armpit. It's the part of the arm that when neglected waves like a flag in the wind when we raise our arm.

This flag waver is the mark of an "old lady" as we move past the age of 35! It doesn't have to happen to you.

You can choose to be bold and not be old, with sexy, young, defined arms.

There's good news. The triceps is the FASTEST MUSCLE to show results if -- and this is a big if -- you exercise it with a bombs-away burn-it-off workout. I've developed a way to work the triceps in minutes a day‚Ä"using the secret of the giant set within body parts.

This means you do three different exercises for the same body part before taking a rest.

You'll see results in ONLY 3 WEEKS, and it only gets better after that. Keep raising your weights as you get stronger and you'll keep that muscle developing.

The beauty of this method: it works for all body parts including the chest, shoulders, biceps, back, hip-butt, abs and thighs.

Using a 5-pound dumbbell to start, do one set of 12 repetitions for each of the following exercises... without resting. As you get stronger you can do a second set with 8 pounds doing 10 repetitions. And as you get even stronger, you can add in a third and final set with 10 pounds doing only 6-8 repetitions.


Seated overhead extension: Sit holding a dumbbell directly over your head, arms straight up, one hand on each end of the dumbbell.

Movement: Extend your arms behind you bending at the elbows and feeling the stretch in your triceps muscles. Without resting, and flexing your triceps muscles, return to start. Repeat until you have done 12 repetitions. Without resting, move to the next exercise.

Close grip bench press: Lie on the floor or on a bench holding a dumbbell by grasping each end with one hand. The dumbbell is held just grazing your middle chest.

Movement: Flexing your triceps muscles as you go, extend your arms upward until your arms are completely extended. Without resting, return to start position, and repeat until you have done 12 repetitions. Without resting, move to the next exercise.

Lying extension: Lying on a bench or the floor hold a dumbbell with one hand at each end. Extend your arms straight up.

Movement: Flexing your triceps as you go, and bending at the elbows, making sure to keep your biceps close to your head, extend the dumbbell behind you until you cannot go any further. Without resting, return to start position. Repeat the movement until you have done 12 repetitions.

For a total body workout using this method -- plus some fat-burning aerobics -- go to my website (www.joycevedral.com) and look for the DVD package deal The Cougar Workout. I'll help you via email as you work to tighten and tone your arms and other body parts.

@ 8:42am ET on July 14, 2008
i was about to blog on how can i tighten up my arms but here you are! :P hehehe thanks again. ;)

@ 7:44pm ET on July 14, 2008
Great info!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm ready to get started. Bye, bye to the flag. :)

@ 9:03pm ET on July 19, 2008
Thanks! This is very helpful!!! Patty

@ 7:42am ET on August 21, 2008
Excellent info! do you happen to have a good one for legs? I want to make them tighter and smaller. Thanks, Sue

@ 1:14pm ET on March 5, 2010
How do you get rid of crinkly skin on legs and arms?

@ 12:40pm ET on February 17, 2012
I work like 12 hours day Monday- friday i use my arms all day at work. After i get home the last time i want to do is work out. So please help me

@ 12:20pm ET on August 13, 2012
Can you demostrate how each exercise is correctly done?

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