John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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NOTE: Not sure what to get Dad this Father's Day? If your special guy likes to grill, read on for a great gift idea.

I'm a burger man. And when I say that I don't mean I like an occasional hamburger. No, I believe the classic American hamburger is the single most awesome invention of all time!

I only share the following fact with my closest friends -- and usually only after a few Happy Hour drinks. But when I was 18, I set out to eat 1,000 burgers in a single year.

I fell short... thank God. But 541 hamburgers in 365 days is no small feat, if you ask me.

I followed that up with 511 hamburgers the following year. And then I gave up my quest and started to eat a more well-rounded diet.

OK, so now that we established the fact that I know and love burgers, let me tell you about the best burgers I've eaten in a long time. They're the steak burgers from La Cense Beef.

These babies are juicy and simple to make and serve.

But it's the taste that sold me. It also inspired me to do a little research.

I found that the La Cense Steak Burgers are a 100% grass-fed blend of Sirloin Steak, Round Roast, Chuck Roast and Flank Steak. They're 85% lean, making it lower in calories and fat without sacrificing that classic burger taste.

If you like burgers, I bet you'd like to sample one of these super steak burgers... hmmm? Well, check this out.

You can sample them right now for FREE! Simply take advantage of La Cense Beef's special offer and get 8 FREE burgers. You only pay for the shipping!

Heck, even if these weren't the world's best-tasting hamburgers, I'd be ordering them and having yet another back yard cookout on their dime!

But trust me when I tell you -- these are great burgers. And they aren't mini burgers like the grocery store and fast food people sell you.

Nope, these steak burgers weigh in at 6 OUNCES EACH!!!!

That's a mouthful for sure... a big meaty, juicy mouthful! Four ounces equals a quarter pound, so do the math and discover that these guys are really beefed-up burgers.

OK, now I've gone and made myself hungry. I hope I still have a few La Cense Beef steak burgers in my freezer... because lunch time isn't that far off!

Oh, I got so caught up in the burgers that I almost forgot.

While you are at the La Cense website, be sure to check out ALL their awesome beef offerings. Steaks... roasts... you name it and they got it.

And they promise you'll get nothing but great beef at a good price. You won't find the fillers and extra stuff that you and your body don't need.

Happy grilling!

Click here for the special offer of 8 FREE steak burgers.

@ 11:07am ET on June 4, 2008
My Daddy loves hamburgers too! This would make a great father's day gift! Thanks!!

@ 11:17am ET on June 4, 2008
Hey that'sa GREAT IDEA.... maybe my wife will see this and get the idea. ;o)

@ 4:17pm ET on June 4, 2008
I sent Omaha steaks to my dad a couple years ago. he STILL talks about it. Maybe I will ship him off a few of these. :-)

Meat! It's a beautiful thing!

@ 5:22pm ET on June 4, 2008
amen to that! Go Meat! (hey didn't I private message you that during the chat last night?) Must have meat on my mind!!!!

@ 7:18pm ET on June 4, 2008
I ordered these! They sounded really good! You count how many hamburgers you eat? That's kind of strange! But I'm guessing if you keep a food journal it would be easy to do. 541 burgers in a year wow! I'm glad you haven't continued that!

@ 7:30pm ET on June 4, 2008
John! 1000 burgers?! You are indeed a bad mr food! Glad you have changed your eating habits to healthier choices! These sound great and would be a wonderful father's day gift.

@ 7:32am ET on June 5, 2008
I abandoned my lofty -- and stupid -- goals almost 30 years ago. what can I say -- "kids" do stupid thing. :o)

But if I didn't do such stupid eating tricks I may not have evolved into Mr Bad Food. Forget lemons. I say, "God gives ya ground meat, ya make hamburgers!" ;o)

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