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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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He’s baaaaack! Christopher Hopkins, a.k.a. Oprah’s Makeover Guy, is here with a few cool hair, makeup and fashion tips to help you look and feel slimmer this summer.

The author of Staging Your Comeback can help you stage your beauty revival so you can enjoy The Summer of Slim.

"Remember round adds pounds… anything round, a neckline, a hair shape, a round-toed shoe or polka dots, will add visual pounds wherever it is placed," he says.

"Diagonals slenderize (V-necks, pointed shoes, a surplice wrap dress or blouse, a tapered and inverted bob like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Horizontals add heft: Avoid horizontal lines in belts, contrasting top and bottoms, a blunt bob, and horizontal stripes."

Hopkins says clothes are more flattering this summer. Take the bloussant, for instance.

Back-in-style.com says, "Comfortable and light, this dress is exactly what you will want to be wearing this summer. Square neckline with elbow length sleeves. Shoulders have pleats giving them volume, very trendy, and very flattering (it makes your waist look smaller). Sleeves have button up cuffs on the bottom. Loose blousy top. Elastic waist also adds to the blousy effect, and would also look great with a wide belt.

"If you are not too broad at the shoulders, you can wear it off the shoulder," Hopkins advises. "You can really look sexy while still covering your heavier area."

Wide-leg pants are also in. Hopkins says the best part is that wide-leg pants don't discriminate. Whether you're tall or short, curvaceous or petite, wide-leg pants will flatter your figure.

"They're particularly great for balancing full hips and wide waistlines," Hopkins says. "The shorter your legs, the more heel height is needed to balance the figure-shortening line."

Good news ladies. There's no need to avoid the beach.

"Cover-ups are your best friend," Hopkins notes. "They help you get to and from places gracefully.

"Got fuller hips? Wear a sarong that covers you from the shoulders to the knees and tie at the waist.

"You'll feel good walking around. So invest in one and showcase yourself."

What to avoid?

"If you are dressing to be slender, avoid capri pants -- they make you look shorter and fatter," Hopkins says.

When asked for tips on a super-fast makeover that will get you out the door looking great, Hopkins laughs and says, "Sunglasses and a hat!"

But then he's quick to add that three minutes spent on makeup can make a big difference.

Hopkins' Makeup Application Tips

* The four basic makeup items are foundation, bronzer, mascara and lip-gloss.

* Lip-gloss looks great, but will not last all day. Carry extra to reapply as often as needed.

* Use a powder foundation to even out the skin tone.

* Always use a makeup sponge when applying foundation.

* A bronzing powder can help add contours to the face, such as adding depth around the eyes and cheekbones.

* Roll mascara on to curl eyelashes, and add some lip-gloss as well.

* If your eyes are wide set, bring the eye shadow inward. The same idea applies when applying eyeliner. Use the eyeliner on the inside of the eyes, and bring eyelashes forward and eyebrows in.

* To accentuate the eyes, use eyeliner on the outer corners. Bring eyelashes out by applying to the outer lashes. Also, expand the brows outward.

So, you've done your makeup and picked the right fashions... how should wear your hair?

"Diagonal lines slenderize," Hopkins says, adding that "there really are no 'new' hairstyles... there never is.

"The inverted bob and asymmetrical bangs are two looks that work for many women. You should go for angles that are more vertical than horizontal.

"And always remember that round hair makes you look rounder. And although many models sport long curly hair, it's not ...    Continue

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@ 6:24pm ET on June 23, 2008
Thanks for all the great tips!!!

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