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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger
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Did you know that 99.9% of images you see in the magazines have been altered in one way or another? Whether it's the erasing of a blemish or the whittling down of the waist, most pictures are not published in their original state. If we are never exposed to the imperfections of models and celebrities how can they possibly serve as healthy responsible role models?

We blamed Britney Spears for corrupting teenage girls when she danced around in a schoolgirl uniform, but should we have blamed the photo editors for retouching the pictures of an already beautiful teenager? I, for one, looked at pictures of Brit Brit in magazines in high school and only wished my abs could look as toned as hers. Did I diet and exercise to get similar results? To be honest I don't remember, but I did compare myself and I did in fact do some of her workout moves I saw on E! or Extra.

The truth about retouching photos is that no one knows when they are seeing a real picture or a digitally altered representation. America is not seeing an epidemic of eating disorders, but rather we are in the middle of an "obesity epidemic" (oh how I hate that term, but for a lack of better words and to get my point across).

The altered images go from the pages of a magazine to the new standard for perfection. Don't we all want to be perfect? Well, most of us will never achieve perfection but we can strive for it! Some of us will diet for a week, maybe a month or two. Few will go to extremes and develop actual eating disorders and many will fail to even shed a pound resulting in the polar opposite. Trying to reach that target weight that is not possible with ...    Continue

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@ 2:14pm ET on June 24, 2008
Nice Nice Nice Nice, Ultimately great topic to discuss about Sarah. Seriously. Congratulations to this awareness project.
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