Life in the Emergency Room

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So far, so good, as the saying goes. I managed to get my 30 minutes of exercise in and have been good on my diet so far, although the selection is leaving a bit to be desired. Some sliced fruits or veggies, some lean cold cuts, some cheese. I will have to be better with variety in the coming days, or I'll be at a risk for temptation to stray from the diet.

Overall I think this is a good start. Working both the diet and fitness angles today, I just need to keep that up and I know I'll reach my goal if I can do that.

I love seeing the commercials over the past 6 months making weight loss a target for guys, of these guys taking about their weight loss over some "light" beers, grilling steaks, punching each other in the shoulder with every tick-back of the scale. I find it amusing that there has been a shift of focus from the past pictures of overweight women in old photos reshaped in their new bodies, bikini clad next to the sun splashed pool. I see it as a good thing that weight loss and fitness are seen as positives for both men and women. We all should be willing to take care of ourselves, to make changes for the better, but you have to be willing to make those changes, and put in the work to get there.

As I said, so far, so good. Tomorrow is another day.

@ 5:53pm ET on October 3, 2011

@ 9:27pm ET on October 3, 2011
I like the title the day after, it brings make memories of all the end of the world movies and books. You said a mouthful about us seeing ouselves in a different light. U r correct about using this type of support system to support u to a healthier lifestyle. I read some really interesting articles about life spans and the differences between men and women. One big issuse was support systems. That seems to be a big part in living a longer life and healthier one. Keep up all ur hard work.

@ 12:55am ET on October 4, 2011
Nice Post! I agree completely. We all should be willing to take care of ourselves. One thing that really has helped keep me motivated is thinking that I should workout now before its too late. Before I am too big to workout, my knees to far gone to workout. Im still young theres no better time than now (:

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