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Headaches are a very real part of many people’s lives, and if you suffer from them, you know that they can affect nearly every part of your life. Plus, headaches can be due to dozen of problems, such as dehydration, allergies, sickness, foods, sunlight, stress and more. No matter why you are suffering from a headache right now, consider these options for helping you feel your best again as quickly as possible.

Foods with High Water Content

A huge number of headaches are actually caused by dehydration. In fact, you may find headaches popping up after a long day in the sun, after a workout or following a long night of imbibing in alcohol. By eating foods high in water content, you can treat your body to nutrients while replacing water in your body’s cells. Some of the best options include lettuces of all kinds, non-starchy vegetables and a variety of fruits, such as watermelon, cherries, apples and pineapple.

Foods High in Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids prevent inflammation in your body, a precursor to many of your most potent headaches. By eating fatty fish, such as salmon, once or twice per week, you can not only get the omega-3’s that you need but also load up on such vitamins as B12 and B6, which can reduce the number of headaches that you have.

Foods High in Magnesium

Magnesium is a known relaxer in the body and can be used to do everything from relaxing the muscles to decreasing blood pressure. For headaches, foods high in magnesium can relax your facial muscles and can relax your blood vessels, which may tighten during headaches. Try such foods as cantaloupe, whole wheat, spinach and quinoa.


Ginger is a potent spice that you may enjoy in everything from cookies to tea. While you may know it as a nausea reducer, it can also decrease inflammation from prostaglandins, which can lead to headaches. It can even work against migraines.

Your Doctor Can Help

For excruciating headaches or for headaches that do not respond to your home techniques, you need to seek the care of your doctor. Your doctor will have better insight into what may be causing your headaches, can take blood work and run tests and can get you more powerful treatments if necessary.
Although many headaches are not dangerous and merely indicate that your body needs more food, fluids or rest, persistent headaches can indicate something more serious that should be checked out at a headache and pain center. However, if your doctor has cleared you, you can often fight off many headaches with simple changes that you make at home. Consider adding some of these great foods into your diet to ward off future headaches from coming or to decrease the pain that you are currently experiencing from your latest headache.

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