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@ 7:21pm ET on July 21, 2009
I can relate very well to your story. It sounds just like my early life. I too grew up in NYC as a celiac baby. My parents took me to Dr Haas' office. He recommended the banana diet. My father used to buy the banana trees so often that the neughbors thought he had a pet monkey!!

I eventually outgrew the strict dietary concerns but had a great aversion to bananas for years.

Unfortunatley, I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease which can be related to celiac. Although I am totally asymptomatic and have been, it was a serendipitous finding from my colonoscopy.

THank you for your blog.

Steven Raskin

@ 9:06am ET on July 23, 2009
Hi Steven,

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Wouldn't it be great if those of you who were patients of Dr. Haas could get together and share your memories of your early diet and all those bananas...


@ 12:07am ET on April 21, 2011
I have been told in the past couple of weeks by three different practitioners
that I should quit eating gluten for some of my physical problems. I have
tried doing this in the past but I never was quite convinced it would help. I know
am willing to give it a try. So I went to Jimbo's health store and stocked up on
some gluten free foods. One of the things I bought was the fresh gluten free
pumpkin muffins. Looked promising but there was SO much sugar it was
inedible. If the gluten doesn't make you sick, the sugar content could!!

Does anyone else notice this problem? Udi's is terrible as well. Is there any
truly healthy gluten free baked goods? No refined sugar and high in fiber??

thanks! rmd

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