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.... and boy are they not good at all. I'm worse off than I thought I was. Taking my beginning measurements today was such a huge eye opener. Now granted, my weight and BMI were taken on WiiFit.... so..... may not be the most accurate measurement. But I do have an appointment at my doctor's office for next week to have my yearly physical and I'm going to see about having one of those biometric screening things for my insurance so that way I can get a more accurate measurement of everything. And everything I measured with measure tape may or may not be exact because sometimes its just hard to measure yourself... But ladies and gents.... I am not happy and I need to get back with it! I was thinking my weight was still in the 170s somewhere.... nooooooo.....

So, the starting stats are:
--Bust: 45"
--Waist/Stomach: 41"
--Hips/Butt: 47"
--Arms: Both were about 13"
--Weight: 190 (YIKES!!!!)
--BMI: 35.80 (DOUBLE YIKES!!!!!!)

This morning when those stats smacked me in the face I went ahead and got to work on it. I did some small things on the wii because it's all pretty easy going and since I'm going to have an adjustment period of getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to make sure I didn't push myself too too much. I did about 15 minutes of yoga to stretch myself out and then I did a 10 minute "free run" on the Wii... which is basically just running in place. But according to the game I ran about 1.642 miles. And by "ran" it means jog.... because I wasn't really running I guess.

Anyway. Other progress... I've started looking around for zumba classes in the area of where I live in Raleigh and I've also already gotten some friends who have agreed to go with me. I'm looking to start going to a class sometime next week to give myself to review my dvds and get back into doing it for a long period of time straight through. I look back to the time in college I did a 2 hour Zumba-thon for Relay for Life.... if I tried to do that now I'd probably kill over in about 10 minutes ha ha

Also, last night I finally ordered a NEW Zumba kit. I've had the same DVDs for years. I wanted to get the new kit with the Zumba riser. I just got the smaller kit that comes with I think 3-4 DVDs, a recipe book and a starters guide. So that should be coming in within the week. So that's exciting!

Last night I premade four salads and put them in my fridge so they're ready. I just need to add the protein source (either grilled chicken bits or pouch salmon) and some dressing and they're good to go. I put spinach in them because I love it and for the iron. Then I put carrots for their vitamins and fiber (also my eyes have been getting a lil weak lately!!!), mushrooms just for the simple fact that I love love love them, and slices of beets to give it a little something sweet. I also have some plain iceburg lettuce in the bottom just for a bit of extra filler because lets face it.... that stuff is just solid, green water.

So I mean, I'm coming out the gate strong. One of my cousins has a wedding coming up in May. My goal is to be at least one dress size down (if not two) by that wedding. I think I can do it. I had a whole conversation last night with my best friend over the phone about getting back in shape. She's working on doing the same thing and we both made good points about not focusing on numbers. I told her that I did that before and whenever I didn't make progress from week to week it would bogg me down and I'd want to quit. This time around I plan to *try* only weighing in once every two weeks instead of every week. I'm also going to focus on progress in other areas instead of getting tied up in numbers. Have goals like "Ok so I was able to do 10 minutes of Zumba today without feeling too tired. Next week I want to be able to do 15 or 20 minutes before getting to that point". Endurance and stamina goals!

Anyway. I think I'm gonna go eat one of those salads. I let myself ...    Continue

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