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Celebrities and Diet

by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Tone your arms while building core strength for a beautiful body! Hate big weights? Want slimmer arms? Check out this Diet.com Pilates workout video!

Pilates instructor Paula from Boston Pilates showed me an intense arm workout using 1 lb dumbbells. Do no be deceived by the tiny weight though, I felt the burn the very next day! For those who view our other fitness videos, I normally lift 15-25 lb dumbbells... so this workout is no piece of cake!

Pilates is great for slimming and tightening your muscles. It creates a toned and lengthened look so you feel great about your appearance.

Here is the workout via YouTube. Have you seen what a celebrity we are on that place?

Here is a list of the exercises with their number of reps:

Hundred: 100 pumps of the arms, 10 full breaths

Start with legs bent in table top. If you can maintain your spine on the mat, bring legs up to the ceiling. If you can still maintain low back on the mat, lower feet/legs to 45 degrees. Vigorous breathing and pumping to get the body moving!

Shave 4-6 reps

Sitting on end of mat or on a chair, hands together at the nape of the neck, find opposition as you straighten the arms, keeping fingers touching each other. Don't forget your powerhouse, abdominals draw in and up as you exhale and straighten the arms.

Hug 6 reps total, 3 w/ each inhale, 3 w/ each exhale

Keep shoulders, elbows and wrists in alignment. Initiate the movement from your "core" first. Feel the arms moving from your sides and your back.

Arm Weight Series:

Standing, Bicep Curls I, II, III 4-6 reps each

Stand in Pilates stance, connecting your heels together and working through your mid-line. Hold the weights lightly and work in both directions, when you are flexing and extending. Maintain your scoop and don't forget to work on your posture.

Kickbacks 4-6 reps, alternating arms

Legs parallel, navel into your spine, bend forward at the waist. Keep shoulders and chest open, elbows high. Squeeze the triceps as you extend your arms back.

Wall Series: Up against the wall, feet slightly in front in Pilates stance. To make more difficult, lower yourself down the wall, not past 90 degree angle at the knee.

Hammer Curls 10 reps total, arms alternating

Elbows against the wall, palms facing in, drawing abdominal muscles toward your spine.

Lateral Raise, 10 total, arms alternating

At shoulder height, one up one down, alternating.

V-Lift 4-6 Turn thumbs down, pinkies toward the ceiling, keep core engaged, depress shoulders while you lift straight arms on the exhale.

Leg Pull Front w/ Push Up 4 pushups total, 2 on each leg

Final challenge, make sure to stay in a plank position and not lose your powerhouse. Maintain stability and don't shift body weight.

Make sure to read all of these instructions as you're watching the video the first time, then play the video a second time to follow along!

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