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is to say yes to exercise and healthy foods on a regular basis.

And when that doesn’t happen? Fix that “flat tire” as quickly as you can, (If your mechanical skills are anything like mine, try calling Triple A!) and get recommitted to your goals.

About the Author:
Katya Meyers is a pro triathlete turned ultra runner, new mom, and health coach living in sunny San Diego. With a Human Biology degree from Stanford University, Masters in Public Health, and ACSM Health & Fitness Specialist certifications, she loves geeking out on the science and psychology that help her clients achieve phenomenal results--from 90 lb weight loss to top Ironman finishes. You can learn more about her online coaching services at Get world class fitness tips you can do everyday...anywhere on Instagram or Twitter.

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@ 7:23am ET on May 27, 2019
Im so guilty in a lot of ways! It's really better to work out 5 minutes a day than to have nothing at all.
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@ 8:08am ET on September 12, 2019
Number 2 is my problem, I always skip my workout.

@ 1:21pm ET on October 30, 2019
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@ 10:12am ET on November 18, 2019
I'd have a hard time with number 2 because I am really inconsistent with my workout. I need motivation! septic tank service jacksonville fl

@ 10:41am ET on November 27, 2019
I felt guilty for number 1. I always make it an excuse to eat even more. Tucson Graffiti removal

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