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The Final 10!

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So, I missed my weigh in this week, and perhaps Friday was a day of indulgence. But I'm back on the wagon and rearing to go!

Plus, I've decided to take the advice this week and cut out refined sugar from my diet.
I'm going to try it for a week and see how I feel. Obviously, I don't feel like this can be a forever situation, because I love baking and stuff. But, I definitely notice at work that I start craving sugar to keep my energy up, even when I'm not hungry, I just need a boost of energy!

And I work in a coffee shop, so if I absolutely NEED a boost, I could always turn to the black coffee. (Although I usually stick to green tea unless it's a 5am start!)

Wish me luck! Any tips on cutting out refined sugar would be helpful. Beyond the fact that I don't drink sodas/juices anyway, and I don't put sweetners in things, it's probs just cutting out the chocolate and anything artificial. Which seems like the perfect way to go.

@ 5:37pm ET on May 4, 2012 Let us know how your week has been going and if you've been eating refined sugar-free!
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