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Stop Trying to Find Yourself: Be Yourself
By Diane Danvers Simmons

In this fast paced media driven, high tech world we often feel lost, confused and absent of meaningful connections to self and others. We’re becoming numb, deflated to the negative behavior of the housewives of stupidity and the fantasy images to often portraying our gender.

Our lives spin like a revolving door and we certainly don’t have a year to sit on a mountain top to find ourselves, but here’s the secret, we don’t need to find ourselves …were right here, housed in this gorgeous vessel called a body, that’s been with us since the day we were born.

We just need let go of what think we should be and remember to just BE true to ourselves and recognize that our total wellbeing cannot be separated from what we think, feel and do for a meaningful life…but how do we get there?

Own it Feel it Live it: are three simple steps, our mantra for a new way of living by reconnecting and rebalancing our mind, body and spirit, our core essence, for a deeper feeling of self, clarity and growth for a happier, healthier whole life.

Step 1- Own your power-Be self-aware:
Step into relationship of trust and wellbeing with no one other than yourself. Owning it takes courage, raw honesty, and real work, but it’s the place we need to go if we really want to understand why and where we stand today. Take back ownership of our life by:

- Accepting responsibility for the choices we’ve made, good and bad, and understanding how they’ve impacted our relationships and our world.

- Acknowledge that only we can change our story, our mindset, our attitude, our situation to be the author of our Own story

- Acknowledge that our lives are a collective of past, present and future. Take the best of the past, be present in your daily interactions and embrace that everything has a time and a place, so you can live a full engaged life.

- Let go of toxic situations that deflate your soul- you don’t have control over others choices or behavior … but you do your Own

Step 2- Connect to Your Feelings
We are all pure energy in motion fed by our heart, ignited by our spirit, distracted by our minds, all housed in our bodies. The question for most is whether we feel balanced, connected to our whole being and passions or are we fragmented, confused, and stagnant?

Be present in your emotions by:

- Feeling the waves of joy and pain that a life well lived brings: allow yourself to be vulnerable, notice what triggers you, where and how you feel tension in your body, breathe through the emotion, journal it and let it go, so you can keep walking forward.

- Actively engaging our senses daily: for example, when greeting a friend, look in their eyes, hear the tone of their voice, and embrace them so they feel your presence. When we enliven our senses we heighten our intuition for more fulfilling experiences.

- Connecting to our breathe, our hearts, our life source through meditation, a walk in nature or yoga to feel the wisdom and joy of your mind, body and soul flowing in unity, hear the beliefs you hold true and embrace total well-being.

There’s life and then there’s living. To live life we choose is to be flexible, mindfully observant and joyously present. When our mind, body and spirit are working in harmony, we function as a whole being, not a fragmented one. By blocking out the noise we can pay attention to our own voice, desires, gifts and needs with clarity thereby enabling what we think, feel and do to flow seamlessly with confidence for happier, healthier lives. We’re free to BE who we are, what we love and to love.

Each day dip into the silence and ask these simple questions to stay on the path to living life by your own definition:

- What am I choosing to focus my attention on, am I investing in my own dreams or someone else’s?
- What feelings or sensations did this bring up in my body and where in my body?
- Am I just functioning and going through the motions or am I participating in nourishing, creating and living the life I want or just waiting for it to happen?

About the Autor:
Diane Danvers-Simmons is a passionate, visionary global citizen who offers solutions to inspire women to embrace their core values and live life by their own definition with wit & wisdom. Continue

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