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I forgot that I found so many great ideas reading others blogs. I have decided to also give up one unhealthy thing a week. I haven't done it so far this week, but a few days a week, we have chips and salsa for snacks. I will make sure and grab fruit instead!
Also, Meatless Mondays. I wonder if I can talk all the guys into this? Me and my boyfriend live with like three other guys who all travel for work. So they are only home a few days a month. I help watch their dogs and cook and clean when they are home, which are usually friday-monday once or twice a month. Maybe I can just let them grill their own meat, and I will make meatless sides that do double duty as my full meals. Also, I will have to think ahead a little because I Nanny every other Monday, and usually just eat whatever I have there for the kids. But I am up for the challenge I think.
Diet went well yesterday, and so far today, which started at 4am (yawn). I just really need a gym to go to. I work in Oklahoma City, three/four days a week and in Tulsa, two/three days a week. I have seen one or two gyms that have locations close to each of my jobs, just not in the town I live in in the middle. But I do miss the gym terrrrrribly and want to join soon!

@ 12:58pm ET on January 23, 2013
Letting the boys cook their own meat and just making sides for them and having it as a main course for you is a great idea!
It must be hard traveling so much for work. Gym-time would be a nice pause to use time on yourself and clear your head. Hope you find a solution and a gym you like visiting :)

@ 4:42pm ET on January 28, 2013
Check out the blog that went live today in the Nutrition Experts section - one of our experts outlines a ton of non-animal sources of protein! I think it'll be helpful for your Meatless Mondays :)

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