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I was a lazy sot this week. I did weights once, one time, on Monday, and that's it. I've been stressed out and stress-eating like a race horse, but without the race.

Somehow I managed to lose 1 lb. I don't know what that's about, but I'll take it.

I am hitting the reset button (as usual), back on the wagon, back on the horse, or whatever... I am so close to getting under 250 and all of my pants are two dxmn big; I am not going to blow it with fast food and sweeties.

Today, for breakfast, after the confusing weigh-in, I had a baked chicken thigh and an orange and scoop of natural peanut butter out of the jar (don't judge). For lunch, I'm having stuffed green pepper (with ground beef, egg, onions and a little bit of cheese). And I don't know about dinner. I have to go to the grocery store; there's no food in the house, not even crappy food.

AND I miss the sick is that?!
Later, I will take my tunes and get on the elliptical over by the weight area and watch the big boys workout.

But FIRST, I will stop procrastinating and start writing this final paper for class.

Wish me brain power and intelligence,

@ 4:24pm ET on April 22, 2012
Sounds like you're really getting back on the horse, though, which is great! Every day is a new start! And sounds like you're getting some great habits in with missing the gym- go you!

good luck with your paper!

@ 2:34pm ET on April 23, 2012
Good luck with your paper! Everyday is a chance for a new beginning, so don't let the slip-ups derail your plans for the future. Set some concrete mini-goals for yourself, and set a plan in motion. Write down the plan - it makes it more "real" and you'll be more likely to follow it. Here is a set of tips to help you set goals:

Since you know that you eat more when you're stressed, I bet you can begin tackling that habit now with some mini-goals. Maybe one of your goals can be to ask yourself "Am I actually hungry?" every time you head to the cabinet/refrigerator/kitchen.

You've got all the tools you need to succeed - you can do this and you CAN reach your goals!

@ 2:46pm ET on April 24, 2012
You lost a pound! Way to go! peanut butter out of the jar, is there any other way? I like peanut butter on celery. Whatcha writing about? =^.^=
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