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A Member Asked:

I am always on the go and therefore have been designated a convenient diner. However, are the frozen meals suggested in my meal plan high in sodium?

Shauna's Answer:

The frozen dinners recommened in the Convenient Diner meal plan may be a little high in sodium but are lower than a lot of other frozen meals on the market. They are also balanced out by fresh foods.

If you want to stick to one brand that is typically lower than the rest, choose Healthy Choice. The use of the word "healthy" means that all of their dinners must fall below 600 mg of sodium.

If you have access to a natural foods store or natural food section and are willing to spend a little more - you can find some lower sodium frozen meals. Most are vegetarian but very tasty! Here are some suggestions:

--Amy's Light in Sodium (3 varieties): Black Bean Vegetable Enchildada, Veggie Loaf and Vegetable Lasagna

--Some of Mon Cuisine's and Celentano's entrees fall below 400 mg of sodium and many below 600 mg.

--Other brands to look for include Organic Classics, Moosewood, Whole Kitchen and Trader Joes.

--Whatever you choose, compare entrees and choose one with lower sodium.

You do not have to use frozen meals, however, remember when choosing any convenience food to check the sodium. And, remember that restaurant or preparared foods are probably even higher in sodium.

You also have access to other eating pattern's meal plans. The Fruitless Feaster, Nighttime Nibbler and Steady Snacker use less frozen meals.

Here are some additional guidelines:

--Choose frozen meals with less than 600 mg sodium (the lower the better!). You can include any variety in your meal plan you like or you don't have use them at all!

--Try making your own frozen meals by cooking large batches on the weekend and freezing in individual containers.

--Give our Meals in Minutes ideas a try - they are easy to assemble!

--Remember to balance frozen entrees with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and/or low-fat dairy.

Let us know what you try and what you enjoy!

Eat Well Live Well - RDShauna

@ 8:56pm ET on October 16, 2006
Shauna, you are being busy these days! Thanks for all the great tips. :-)

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