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So, my friend is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid. So, I'm using this as extra ammunition! I made the astounding discovery that as her wedding is 56 weeks away, even if I lost half a pound a week, I would reach my goal weight! How great is that? So I'm deciding to focus individually on each pound lost, instead of having these massive goals that seem so far from achievable.

A pound is about 3500 calories, so that's 500 less calories a day..which is fine, I'm averaging about 1250 on my better days, so I'm going to aim for around that.

I'm also back on the Paul McKenna thing, eating slowly, savouring my food and stopping before I'm full. It's all complete common sense, but it helps. Realised how I don't actually pay attention to my food when I'm eating it. I anticipate it, think about it, make it....then chomp it down in under 15 mins. My whole family is a bit like this, so I'm working hard to change it.

Hope the Spring Challenge is working out for everyone!

@ 5:09pm ET on April 10, 2012
Hi, what a great post, long term goals and short term goals. I love the part about savoring the food, we do rush through our meals so true. =^.^=
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