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The Skinny on Exercise

by Exercise Write, Fitness Reporter

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We are so jazzed about the spring and warmer weather, aren't you?! While some parts of the country are still getting the occasional snow, most of us are dusting off our t-shirts and capri pants and getting ready to jump out into the sunshine!

But wait - are you nervous about how your cold-weather hibernation has impacted your muscle tone? Hopefully you've been exercising over the last several months anyway, but maybe you're looking to really increase your focus now that you know your arms and legs will be on display soon. Not to worry - we're here to help!

This week we're rolling out some of our favorite exercises and workouts for your arms, to help you feel confident in your short sleeves this spring and summer!


1. Bent Over Row with Tricep Kickbacks

Bent Over Row with Tricep Kickbacks, arm exercise

2. Deltoid Raise/Deltoid Fly

We're listing these two arm exercises together because they are very similar, but each work a different part of your shoulder. You can even combine the two into one movement, like in this 2-in-1 Shoulder Exercise workout video.

Deltoid Raise, Arm Exercise

Deltoid Fly, Arm Exercise

3. Cross-Body Bicep Curl

Cross Body Bicep Curl

4. Tricep Extension on Exercise Ball

Tricep Extension on Exercise Ball, Arm exercise demo from Diet.com

5. Upright Dumbbell Rows

Upright Dumbbell Rows, Arm Exercise demo from Diet.com

Want a little more guidance? Here are 7 arm workouts you can follow!


1. Medicine Ball Arm Workout: With a 4- to 8-pound medicine ball, try this progressive arm workout. It starts off easy, but Lisa Johnson will show you how to steadily increase the difficulty. You arms will be feeling this!!

Medicine Ball Arm Workout

2. 4-Minute Tank Top Arms Workout: Blast through these 4 arm exercises to help you get your arms ready for tank top season! If you're a beginner, do this 4-minute routine once. If you're intermediate, do it twice, and if you're advanced, go through the whole 4-minute routine 3x!

4-Minute Tank Top Arms Workout from Diet.com

3. Lightweight Arms, Back and Shoulders Workout: This lightweight upper body workout will fire up your shoulders, back, and triceps. These are lightweight exercises, so aim for 1-3 pound weights. If you don't have weights, try using water bottles!

Lightweight Arms, Back and Shoulders Workout

4. Sexy, Toned Arms in 1 Minute: Get sexy toned arms in under 1 minute with these two arm exercises - the bicep hammer curl and tricep overhead extension.

Sexy, Toned Arms in One minute, Arm Workout from Diet.com

5. Sexy Abs, Chest and Arms Workout: Tone your arms, chest and core with a one arm chest press while balancing on a physio ball.

Sexy Abs, Chest and Arms Workout from Diet.com

6. The Best Toning Pilates Moves For Your Arms:

Best Toning Pilates Moves for Your Arms

7. Summer Slimming Arm Workout: Try this easy and quick summer slimming arm workout routine and get toned up for bikini season.

Summer Slimming Arm Workout from Diet.com

For even more arm workouts, check out all of our Upper Body Exercise Videos, or browse our Exercise library for upper body moves!

Not sure how to choose the best weight for your workout? We have a very handy video that will teach you exactly how to decide which weight to use: How to Choose the Best Weight for Your Workout

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