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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Fitness pro Tracey Mallett is a busy mom who found she didn’t have time for the long daily workouts she needed to keep her sexy shape. So Tracey tinkered with shorter, workouts until she perfected her “Sexy in 6” routine.

Are you willing to invest six minutes, three times a day for the shape you've always wanted? If you answered yes, then you need to plug into Tracey's program that promises to help you sculpt your body with the 6-minute quick-blast workout.

Tracey tells Diet.com that her clients lose up to 25 pounds in six weeks, blast stubborn inches from their arms and belly, and gain more confidence and a bikini body!

"We may not be able to find time for an hour or 90-minute workout but we can all find 6 minutes a day to work out," Tracey says.

"I am not foolish enough to think anyone can get in shape in just 6 minutes. It's psychological. Short quick segments appeal to busy working moms or professional women. I was having a hard time finding time for a workout after the birth of my first child.

"But I said 'I can do 6 minutes!' So you do 6 minutes once or twice a day and build from there."

Living proof it works

Tracey, a former classical dancer from England, is living proof her program works.

"I'm not saying you'll get in shape in 6 minutes," she says. "But if you work in a 6-minute workout in the morning, at lunchtime and maybe after dinnertime, you will see a big difference.

"You're in control -- you find the time for your short workouts."

Tracey says too many women feel that if they don't have the time for a lengthy workout then it's not worth even trying to burn fat and calories.

"Yes, it does count," she says. "You need to look at the big picture. My studies have shown that you can piggy bank a few minutes here, a few minutes there and earn a big reward."

The book & the plan

Sexy in 6 comes with a DVD workout and a diet plan that's all about portion control. The user chooses the foods they want to eat and make sure they don't go over 1,500 calories a day.

"I know that people are busy and they just want the facts so my book is written in a lighthearted laymen's way," Tracey notes. "The reader feels like I'm talking to them."

The 6-minute workouts -- including the sample 3-exercise workout below -- are based on interval training. As a new mom, Tracey discovered the value of short bursts of energy spread out over the day.

"I didn’t have an hour so I spread mine throughout day and worked harder when I had the time," she says. "Short bursts of energy get the heart rate up and that helps you burn calories... even after your workout is over."

Tracey, who admits she's been genetically blessed with good abs, stands 5'3" and weighs about 114 pounds -- not bad for a mom of two!

To learn more about this spunky Brit and her quick-blast workout, go to www.TraceyMallett.com.

Meanwhile, check out the following 6-minute workout.

Try Tracey Mallett’s Quick-Blast Abs routine from her new book “Sexy in 6” to get the abs of your dreams in just 6 minutes!

How to: Perform each exercise once through then go to the next exercise repeat each mini circuit for a total of three times.

Equipment: a fit ball

Jab Cross on the Ball

Inspiration: No more roll of fat over your tight pants!

Muscles targeted: Obliques

Reps: 3x20, alternating sides

A. Lie with the small of your back on the ball and your legs bent, knees hip-width apart. Bend your elbows with your hands in front of your face (boxing stance).

B. Exhale, twist and jab your right arm across to the left side of your body. Keep your eyes focused on your right hand.

Down Stretch

Inspiration: Wearing a tight T-shirt

Muscles targeted: Abs, lats, and quads

Reps: 3 ...    Continue

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@ 9:19am ET on April 14, 2008
with my unmanageable schedule? I SO NEED THIS. :)

@ 8:04pm ET on April 14, 2008
Wow, looks like it would kill the abs and stomach, but hey, I'll try it! I'm always looking for new exercises! Thanks!

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