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Well, the bad news is that I've had a little setback. Had to go to the hospital a couple of days ago for an emergency surgery, and just got out yesterday afternoon. Now, according to my scales I have gained six pounds in the last two days, though I didn't even eat at all the first day, as I was in surgery and recovery. I can only assume the weight gain has to do with the massive amounts of IV fluids they pushed while I was in the hospital. Hopefully, this is just temporary, and the weight will come back off in a few days. However, the doctor has dramatically restricted what I can do for exercise for at least the next six weeks, so that leaves me a little depressed, as I was really enjoying my exercise routines. On a positive note, I did well with the surgery and feel relatively all right. Just a little blue about what the immediate future holds for the goals I have set with this new lifestyle. I'm of course going to continue to eat the types of things I have been eating that have led to the weight loss, but without any kind of strenuous exercise for awhile, the results will probably not be as dramatic as they have been. *sigh*

@ 9:36am ET on August 21, 2008
I am sorry to hear the you have had to have emergency surgery. I am glad that you are okay!! It is discouraging when things get in the way of goals that you have set, but your health includes more than just the weight loss. Your body needs to recover so make sure you care for it well!!! Keeping up the eating plan will definitely help but don't sweat the workout loss right now. Maybe the next time you see the doctor he/she can tell you what you can do for some cardio or strength training even if you can't do a lot.
Hang in there and when you get discouraged let us know and we will try to help you with the blues!!! I hope you heal quickly and well!!! Take care of yourself! Patty

@ 10:43am ET on August 21, 2008
That stinks about the surgery, but I'm glad everything went okay. I wouldn't worry about the 6 pounds, because like you said, I'm sure it had to do with the IV. I know how it feels when you get something started and then have an injury or something that prevents you from doing it. Like Patty said, I'm sure your doc can give you some suggestions. You can still eat healthy and lose weight as well. I know how discouraging that must be, but hang in there! We're here to help! ~Sara :o)

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