John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Weekly Diet News Digest

by John McGran, Columnist

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Stay-at-home wife Maggie says she slammed the brakes on her ballooning weight by turning to the weight loss experts and inspirational bloggers here at Diet.com.

The once-frustrated homemaker from Nebraska found the motivation, weight loss tools and inspiration right here. After immersing herself in the from-the-heart blogs written by like-minded dieters, she began her march from stretchy size-16 clothes to slenderizing size-4s!

Oh, and along the way she dropped 50 pounds, going from an unhealthy high of 175 to her current weight of 125.

Maggie no longer fits her chosen Diet.com username of FatCat30. No, the 5-foot-4 slimmer is now more like a Cheshire Cat -- a gal whose grin just won't disappear!

"I came to Diet.com last July," Maggie says. "I fell in love with the free workout videos. I was really out of shape and these simple videos helped me get on track.

"I've stayed here because I am now proud of my progress. When I'm not checking out the blogs I use the calorie counter."

Maggie hasn't had to go it alone. Her railway worker husband also jumped on the weight loss train and chugged off a few pounds of his own, going from 210 to 165!

"I feel a lot lighter and can do things I couldn't do for a while. I can walk faster, climb stairs, run a little and wear cute clothes again!" Maggie says.

"My current goal is to get down to 120... a weight I last saw in my teens."

So how did Maggie shed the weight? She credits much of it with turning to a vegetarian lifestyle.

"I eat much better now," she says. "At my peak weight, I used to eat 6 pieces of toast with jelly and butter… and I loved pastries."

"In addition to meat, I've cut out sugar. I start my day with cereal -- Cheerios and fat-free milk. For lunch I'll have a meat-free Boca Burger or a soup. Dinner is usually something over rice like beans or veggie stir-fry."

More From Maggie

"I didn't start vegetarianism to lose weight. I did it for my compassion to animals."

"I don't drink alcohol either. Also, I don't eat eggs unless they're baked in something. I scrape frosting off cake. I'll eat no added sugar ice cream and sugar-free cookies only. The only sugar I have is in fruit or fruit juice.

"Everyday I take a multivitamin, 2 calciums, & 1 vitamin C because the multivitamin doesn't supply enough of those two. I like coffee (black) and can drink a whole pot. I love diet sodas, too.

"I'm a big fan of milk. I preferred whole milk, but now make do with fat-free milk. It's gotten to where low-fat milk tastes way too rich.

"I sprinkle flaxseed powder on nearly everything I eat. It gives me omega-3s that fish gives non-vegetarians. I will eat cheese... even fattening."

"Oh, and I put hot sauce on everything."

"I don't really like to exercise. The only thing I can think of that keeps the weight off is the vegetarianism and no man-made sugar."

@ 11:07am ET on March 30, 2009
That's awesome, congratulations!!! That's great you also got your husband on board with you, you're going to have a great life! You are very inspiring!

@ 11:35am ET on March 30, 2009
woahsw!! that`s fantastic, you loook great!!
keep doing what you do & you`ll be in 120 in no time :) congrats to your husband as well!!

@ 1:52pm ET on March 30, 2009
Wonderful! I am happy for you (though I know we don't know one another!) Keep up the inspiring work!! =)

@ 3:10pm ET on March 30, 2009
Wow! You look ahhhmazing! Congrats to you and your husband! You both are a great inspiration for people to keep motivated! I wish you both the best!

@ 10:41pm ET on March 30, 2009
wow, awesome!

@ 11:32pm ET on March 30, 2009
That is really awsome!!!I really hope to do the same.I am very inspired by you.Thankyou.

@ 9:43am ET on March 31, 2009
Wow, you have really inspired me! GO YOU! :o)

@ 10:41am ET on March 31, 2009
wow! how inspiring! makes me wanna start getting on with my own diet.

@ 1:47pm ET on March 31, 2009
holy crack-a-poly!!!!! Did you win the challenge? because i think you needed to! Ding-a-dang dang-dang!!

That is incredible... i think the pic on the second page is even better than the first... i would luuuuuv to be that thin...

i plan on posting my first pic soon...

although i fear it!


@ 10:14pm ET on March 31, 2009
Congratulations!! You look fantastic!! :)

@ 4:21pm ET on April 1, 2009
Thank you everyone for the nice comments!!
If you have further questions or want to talk to me, look for my blog tonight.

@ 4:11am ET on April 7, 2009
Go Girl!!! That is fantastic. It must be wonderful to have such a supportive husband, wish I did. With over 8 stone to lose my motivation is somewhere round my ankles, but reading your story I can do it, thanks FatCat, keep it up!!!!!

@ 2:38am ET on May 20, 2009
do you have facebook? Hahaha! :) talk me over! :) lol

@ 10:51am ET on June 15, 2009
You look great Maggie. You've shown what focus and determination can do. I was recently on a cruise and I really gorged and the scale has confirmed that (sad face). But I made up my mind that I was going to lose at least a little something by eating differently, plus I called a friend who embraces the vegan lifestyle - she's 70+ and has the body of a 20-something, dances, exercises and is a ball of energy. Well, it's been a week now and I have lost a few pounds. That is the motivation that's driving me now. Stay tuned, I am on my way.

@ 1:02am ET on September 23, 2014
Wow you look like a different person. Great work

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