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Okay, I never would have thought I would get excited about some vegetables, but this morning I netted some good stuff! My company held an ideation yesterday. (Ever wonder where the ideas for new products come from? Well, for one of the first steps, anyway, people come into companies like mine and sit around all day and think of possibilities for the client company. And the marketing company has lots of stuff in the room to help inspire people, things like toys, food, images, music, just about anything. In this case, part of what they had was vegetables.) And after they finish, anything that is perishable is put out for employees to take home.

I wound up with a cabbage, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, and an eggplant, all freshly bought yesterday. And I was just buzzing, walking down the hall and thinking of what I could do with them. For the old me, that's just plain bizarre!

@ 7:18pm ET on April 25, 2007
Can't beat free HEALTHY food at the office! Let us know what you concoct.

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