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Fitness Expert Katrina

by Katrina Hodgson, Diet.com Fitness Expert

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Super Bowl!!

This weekend is going to be a great excuse to get all your friends together, to buy a big screen TV, a few new bar stools, a nice new jersey and maybe a hat. Let’s not ruin our resolutions already one month in though and pig out like we are eating for quadruplets!

The super Bowl is a time for fun and for shouting at a TV like you are really in the game. (I encourage getting up and pacing for burning optimal calories.) It is also a time for nervous eating, snacking, binge drinking and stuffing your face with sodium and grease packed foods…. I am not saying I don’t want to share that food with you! We all don’t want to worry about it. The Super Bowl doesn’t have to be the time to supersize your bowl of chips or your pants size. If you surround yourself with healthier choices, I promise the nervous social eating and drinking will be a lot easier on your scale and belt.

Here are my suggestions… I am going to put it in perspective of working out since I am supposed to write about fitness… haha, I am sure this will make you want to work out!!

5 beers…
Beer or light beer?
Choose light… the difference with 5 beers is almost a 200 calorie difference. What’s the big deal? That is running about 20 minutes just burning empty calories. So stick with the light, you will thank me!

Thin crust or regular?
Well- most people just don’t eat one slice, but here it goes…
The difference is about 82 calories for one slice! Having two slices? About a 160 calorie difference. You would need to do 20 pushups, 30 sit ups and sprint down your street for 6 minutes. If it’s worth it go for it! Your neighbors will just think you are very excited about the big game!

Veggies and dip or chips and dip??
Let’s pretend you are going to eat the dip no matter what. What do you want to dip into your dip? Salty chips with greasy wonderfulness all over them right? Here’s the difference…
15 chips = about 155 calories
15 sticks of veggies = about 28 calories!

Want to have the chips? Do 50 jumping jacks, 10 squats and go up and down your stairs for 5 minutes.

Meat balls or shrimp cocktail?
5 of each…
There is 280 calorie difference!!
Go for a bike ride for 30 minutes and then 50 sit-ups! Or you could go for the shrimp and relax!

Just some of my suggestions! If you follow all these then you could avoid having to burn 750 calories or more!

50 jumping jacks
Bike ride 30 minutes
50 sit-ups!
10 squats
Stairs for 5 minutes
20 pushups
30 sit ups
Sprint 6 minutes.
Run 20 minutes


Diet.com Fitness Expert
Master Trainer
Boston, MA

@ 6:40pm ET on February 1, 2008
Wow! Great advice. Thank you :0

@ 2:53am ET on February 2, 2008
I really needed to hear this...I have been VERY anxious about Superbowl all week. I actually think I ate a little worse the past couple of days bc of the anxiety of all of my favorite foods being right there! I have to tell myself, though...it's FOOD...it's not the only time I'm going to see this stuff ever again!

I think I might take you up on some of the alternative exercises if I do choose poorly...I just don't know if I will resist pigs in a blanket or meatballs! WAIT.......I can have one of each..that will make me happy, right?! What is happening to me! I was doing well! haha

@ 10:02pm ET on February 2, 2008
Awesome!!! I love the healthy suggestions. Thanks!!

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