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The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control say a five to ten percent reduction in weight can improve negative health symptoms and reduce blood pressure. The method, however, of losing weight has a major effect on the end result. We talk about the benefits and the risks inherent in four of the most common and most effective ways people use to lose weight.


From Piyo to hot yoga, new exercise trends are popping up everywhere. Exercise is one of the most effective and most popular weight-loss methods. Not only is it free, but it is sustainable in that it encourages a healthy lifestyle, as long as it is done correctly. One major downside to using exercise as a weight loss method is how many people take it to extremes. Trying advanced techniques with little experience runs a much higher risk of injuries from sprained ankles, falls, and pulled muscles. A regular walk for at least 30 minutes a day works the core. The CDC says at a healthy weight, an individual should work out vigorously for an hour to an hour and a half each week to keep off the pounds. If you’re going to try exercising to lose weight, make sure that you work with a professional to create a routine that is healthy and safe for you to maintain.


Dieting is another free and effective way to lose weight. If done correctly, like exercising, it can create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Cutting empty calories, making better food choices, and drinking more water will help you feel better, sleep sounder, and lose weight. However, like exercise, dieting is often taken to extremes. Cutting out all sugars (including natural sugars found in fruit) can be detrimental to your health. Not only is it unhealthy, but the moment you stop your diet, your body will fight to regain those pounds if you have tried to shed them too quickly and unsustainably. If you think your diet could use some alterations, speak to a nutritional therapist to ensure that you make dietary choices that are healthy and sustainable as well as good for weight loss.


Liposuction is one of the more expensive methods of weight loss and is less appealing due to it being an invasive procedure. However, in cases of extreme obesity, it can often be the best option to take to truly shed extra weight. Fat cells only contract with weight loss; they don’t go away unless they are physically removed as by liposuction. This means that fat that is lost through this method is harder to gain back. However, all invasive treatments come with risks, and should only be attempted after dieting and exercise have been ruled out.


This weight loss technique is popular because treatments take just minutes. It is not invasive and no kale or spinach eating is necessary. Body sculpting is done in repeated sessions, each removing a little more weight at a time. Results improve each visit and over several months, but they are permanent. This procedure is not as expensive as liposuction, and it only removes about a tenth of the amount of fat as the surgery per visit. Like liposuction, it removes fat cells rather than just reducing their size. However, as it is easier than dieting and exercise, those who get this done shouldn’t overlook seeking a healthier diet and exercise routine to maintain their new weight, or the costs can compound over time.
Each weight loss method presents risks and benefits. Cost is a major concern for some, and others have problems with access to proper exercise equipment or healthier eating options. Some people have medical conditions that make diet and exercise ineffective in combatting weight gain. It is important to discuss options with your primary care physician and any relevant medical experts before undertaking any major weight loss method to ensure that it really is the best option for you to explore.

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