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by Bailey Apple Staff Writer

Pssssstttt… want to learn the secret of a successful weight loss program? You’ve come to the right place. Expert advice and a structured plan based on your personality are great starts.

But the little “extra” that makes your experience less-stressful and more successful is the fantastic community of like-minded dieters " and the fun challenges that keep our members seeing better progress as they move towards their weight-loss goals.

Our Fresh Start Team Weight Loss Challenge " now heading into Week 4 of eight " is a perfect example. More than 400 determined women and men have chosen sides to battle head-to-head, spicing up their lives with competition while keeping themselves motivated by motivating others. For some, it is the competitive aspect of the challenge that keeps them motivated.

Carebear946, a member of the Macintosh team, posted, “We need to kick those Old Granny Apples’ bottoms this week!!! GO MACS GO!!”

Fellow Macintosh teammate Why Weight has used the Fresh Start Challenge and her teammates as a means of accountability.

“This week I’m going to lose 2 lbs. [And I will] remember my Macintosh Teammates in every choice I make because they’re counting on me,” she posted.

It’s not too late for you to get your FRESH START, so jump in now for the support you’ve been searching for!

The challenge is just one way that the support community can make a difference.

We here at know the value of this best-kept dieting secret.

Support may be that special ingredient that may have been missing from your other programs. Having positive supportive people in your life to cheer you on, help you problem solve and pick yourself up and re-focus when the going gets tough is important to your overall success.

With a support community, you can gain strength from others who have succeeded and give help to others in need. This sense of community reminds you that you are not alone in your quest to become healthier.

Our members wholeheartedly agree.

Angela2264. raves, “I have [several] great buddies now…all of you on Team GrannySmith, and I really feel the love! The support is wonderful.”

Aimnforheart adds, “How can you feel anything but welcome and ready to lose weight?”

The online support from members and experts motivates dieters to stay the course and to stick with their program longer. Research studies have proved that diet support (like our chats and challenges) is crucial to weight-loss success.

Hatbow_goldball seconds that emotion.

“I haven’t felt this excited about losing weight in a long time,” she says. “It’s different this time… I feel like it’s right in front of me. I feel like I have some control now! We have our support team at our fingertips. It’s wonderful!”

If you’ve been floundering while trying to go it alone, maybe it’s time to link up with these members -- and the thousands of others who have signed up with -- as they reach their goals and stay on track.

A proven diet plan and an amazing support community to back it up… this is one secret you won’t want to keep to yourself!

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