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Lady Diet

by Lady Diet, Princess of Podcasts

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This is Lady Diet - the fit, fun and fabulous host of Diet.com's weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast!

There are many reasons why we skip meals during the day. A popular reason is an on-the-go lifestyle, which leaves us little time to eat a complete, balanced meal. Another common reason is that many of us believe that the fewer calories we eat during the day, the more weight we will lose. Unfortunately, following this theory may actually be the reason you are gaining weight instead of losing it!

By denying our bodies food throughout the day, we are running the risk of actually gaining weight. Not only will our metabolisms slow down, our bodies will go into survival mode. Our bodies’ will start hanging on to any fat we consume instead of allowing us to burn it off. Also, if we do not consume enough protein on a daily basis, our bodies will start to take protein from our muscles. You may think that skipping meals will allow you to lose fat quicker, but in reality you are losing muscle first. When we burn muscle and not fat, our bodies will not look toned or healthy. Instead, we will appear soft, undefined and unfit!

Luckily, it is not too late for us to start structuring a healthy eating routine. Penciling in our meals as part of our daily agenda will help structure our eating habits. Along with structuring a meal plan, simply preparing a healthy salad or sandwich the night before will help keep you on track. It is important to plan your meals and your eating schedule ahead of time so you can limit your chances of skipping a meal. By following a plan we can start to gain control over our eating habits.

It is important to set aside time strictly to eat.
No more rushing to the drive through window of a fast food chain or substituting food with coffee. Let’s make it a priority to eat three complete meals a day, even if it means getting up 15 minutes early to do so. Snacking on high fiber foods and eating small snacks like a bag of almonds or carrot sticks, between meals will also help keep us satisfied longer. Eating consistently throughout the day will also lower our chances of binge eating at night.

It is also important to listen to our bodies when they tell us we are hunger or full. Keep a record of how long it takes your body to feel hungry between meals and make it a priority to eat when your body signals it is hunger. Ideally, a person should eat every three hours to keep our metabolisms functioning properly.

Skipping meals is an unhealthy habit that will do more harm than good. Remember it is not about eating less, it is about eating healthier!

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast or any fun health diet or fitness tip, please feel free to email me at ladydietpodcast@diet.com.

This is Lady Diet signing off!

Lady Diet records a weekly Diet & Fitness Podcast for diet.com. To get the full experience, you've got to LISTEN:
Quit Being A Meal Skipper!

@ 8:47am ET on July 4, 2008
I have been a meal skipper for so many years. I now plan for my breakfast. I boil eggs ahead of time and grab one quickly as I'm heading out the door. I also pack fruits. They sometime become my breakfast foods instead of a snack. I may have an apple with a small spoon of peanut butter or other fruit. I also make time some mornings to prepare a "pretty" cup with granola, yogurt and pieces of fruit to take for breakfast or a snack. It does help and I feel so much better if I eat something verses nothing at all.

Thanks for your posting. It helps to be reminded of what is important.
Sandy :)

@ 4:23pm ET on July 5, 2008
I too have been a meal skipper and by eating 3 meals and at least 2 snacks a day I am actually eating less overall and feeling satisfied. Breakfast has always been the hardest meal for me and now I always have a smoothie or a protein bar and yogurt with fresh fruit or oatmeal with fruit. It has made all the difference in the world for my success. Patty

@ 8:47pm ET on July 5, 2008
I used to skip breakfast too but can't go without my breakfast smoothie now!! Since I started having breakfast I eat far less throughout the day, and I always thought by skipping it I would be eating less calories!!

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