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Sticking to a healthy diet can be tricky sometimes - there are all sorts of temptations around that are begging you to gobble them up! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite, super simple diet tips - to help you identify some key areas that you could improve your own diet!

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1. Count calories. This one habit can drastically impact your weight loss success! It's been shown that dieters who count their calories - even for a couple of weeks - have greater success in losing weight AND maintaining that weight loss. Check out this blog that our own Dr. Diet wrote about how tracking your calories can lead to long-term weight loss success: What Worked. In a study of 5000 dieters, 99% of those who lost weight and kept it off were calorie counters! Start tracking your food intake today with Diet.com's Meal Tracker/Calorie Counter!

2. Slow down! Alright guys, 'fess up. Who here is guilty of eating too quickly? I catch my boyfriend doing it all the time and always remind him to slow down and taste his food! The reason? When you eat too quickly, you're eating too fast for your brain to register when your stomach is full. This inevitably leads to you eating more food than you actually need in one sitting. So pump the brakes, folks! Really take the time to thoroughly chew and taste the flavors in your foods. Make a point to swallow what you're chewing before you load your fork with the next bite. You may find that you eat less because you're eating slowly enough to realize when you're already full! Talk about a simple diet tip!

3. Drink water. This one is also ultra-easy but too many of us neglect it! Your body NEEDS water - this isn't optional! Believe me, it needs water more than it needs sugary juices or soda or any other calorie-loaded beverage that you may be craving. Water is vital to pretty much every function of your body, and making sure that you're properly hydrated will make you feel healthier, help you get great skin, keep you feeling satisfied (many of us mistake thirst for hunger!), and help your body achieve and maintain a healthy weight. So drink up - right now!

4. Increase protein. Building healthy muscles will help you to boost your overall metabolism, thus helping you burn more calories when you're at rest. Protein is really important for that muscle-building process! Now, don't get scared. Many dieters (females in particular) hear "muscle-building" and think of a bodybuilder. Get past this old notion! I promise that I'm not talking about "bulking up" - I'm talking about lean, tight, toned muscles...The kind that make you feel super sexy and confident! And if you're skimping on your protein intake, building those toned muscles is going to be much harder. Here are some more expert blogs about why you ought to eat more protein:

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For more Diet Tips, check out our entire Diet Tips site section! You can find it under the DIET tab up there ^^ in the top navigation. What are your top diet tips? Share with us below!!

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