Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine. The essence of beauty—mind, body and spirit—is what Wendie Pett is all about.

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Visibly Fit: Mind, Body & Spirit!

by Wendie Pett, Fitness and Lifestyle expert

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Wait! What IS your perfect weight? I know you've heard people talking about getting down to their ideal weight, but do they really know what it is? Do you know yours?

What's Your Perfect Weight?One's weight is a highly personal matter, and many of us have no idea how low we should go.

So what is it that makes a weight perfect? Is it the image in your mind or do you have solid facts for determining your magic number? Those are but a few of the questions to consider when dropping pounds, but truth be known, there's only one true answer: Weight doesn't matter!

Your body -- and its needs -- is unique and highly stylized. Simply grabbing a "perfect weight" out of thin air does not equate to a healthy body. After all, you may not be built like your best friend or the person on the magazine cover, so to pick their weight as your own could be hazardous.

Many of my clients insist that they want to weigh a certain number, and yet usually the chosen digits fail to take into consideration their muscle-to-fat ratio.

You may be surprised to learn that many people actually weigh more than we'd ever imagine for the simple reason that their bodies boast more muscle than fat. Others might have a layer of fat that obscures any muscle, and yet the scale still offers only a number -- a gauge, if you will -- but nothing that gives the true picture.

If you really want the perfect body, don't think pounds â€" think measurements. The clothes you wear and the way they fit should determine where you need to lose fat, add muscle, or curb cookie cravings.

According to the World Health Organization, over one billion adults in this world are overweight (and 300 million of those are considered obese). Those are astonishing numbers. How do you get rid of fat? The race is on to burn calories and lose weight, but if we don't understand where the added weight and calories come from, we might be burning muscle instead of fat.

Exercise for fat loss is different than exercise for weight loss. Losing fat is achieved by a hormonal response, or an after-burn effect, that continues working 24 to 48 hours beyond the actual workout.

The best method for fat loss, therefore, is intense resistance training and aerobic bursts followed by a period of rest. While traditional aerobic exercise performed over long periods of time burns fat, the hormonal effect produced reduces valuable muscle. Because muscle is a key component of one's fat-burning metabolism, it's best to perform activities that build muscle to enable the shedding of fat.

My Visibly Fit exercise program allows for the natural building of muscle. What's more, they are exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime, because your body becomes the only gym you need.

Studies have shown that the fat-related hormones leptin and insulin positively affect people who workout at a high intensity for less time (e.g., 20 minutes) than those who workout for 40 minutes or longer at a steady pace. Studies prove that it is not the quantity of exercise that makes a difference in your overall health, but the quality.

Squeezing in a few Visibly Fit exercises throughout your day offers a short, intense form of exercise that allows optimal results.

Obviously, nutrition is a big part of the equation if you desire results. My advice is to eat 5-6 small meals daily. Stick with "living foods" such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Remember, the goal is to look and feel good. With Visibly Fit as part of your daily regimen, you'll be perfect in no time!

WENDIE PETT is a nationally renowned fitness expert, mother, speaker, author of Every Woman's Guide to Personal Power, and creator of the Visibly Fit exercise program. Her many Visibly Fit instructional DVDs teach wellness maximization through the balance of mind, body and spirit. As a personal trainer and wellness coach, Wendie offers seminars to corporate groups and individuals. To learn more about Wendie, visit www.wendiepett.com.

@ 7:10am ET on May 19, 2014
I am 5'1" and I have watched my weight my whole life. After I turned 50, it was twice as hard to stay at my "perfect" weight. I got tired of the fight and quit working as hard at looking good and worked on feeling good. I now weigh 123 and I quit smoking over 6 years ago. I work at a physical job full-time and I exercise moderately. I feel better now at 58 than I have my whole life.

@ 2:38pm ET on May 20, 2014
Excellent article on weight loss or gaining perfect weight. Though there is nothing called perfect body rather measures need to be taken on gaining healthy body & mind. Though exercise does helps in getting ideal but body in a slow & steady manner.

@ 6:39pm ET on November 1, 2014
You right there is no perfect body weight.

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